Objectives of the VUR

  • Build awareness of the SDGs at Concordia
  • Assess the kinds and levels of activity with SDG linkages
  • Foster collaborative efforts among faculty, students, staff to advance the SDGs
  • Develop a strategy for engaging with the SDGs, and deepening and strengthening Concordia’s capacities for social impact

Components of Concordia’s VUR

  • 17 Rooms exercise
  • Other events and presentations
  • Analyses of SDG-related activities
  • Interviews and discussions
  • Strategy design session


Voluntary University Reviews are modeled on the work of countries and cities that have undertaken to self-report on their progress toward the Global Goals as a way of mobilizing action in their jurisdictions.

Concordia’s VUR is inspired by the work of trailblazing universities like University of Toronto, Carnegie Mellon University, and University of California, Davis, which have undertaken some of the first university-based voluntary reviews. 

While universities are not accountable like governments for the kinds of outcomes targeted by the SDGs, they are capable to making significant contributions to their achievement. VURs are key processes for plotting out how to maximize these contributions.


On November 29, Concordia President Graham Carr and Anne Whitelaw, provost and vice-president, academic, hosted a virtual event to launch the university’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) efforts. The event’s four special guests presented compelling cases for why Concordia and Canada should engage with the Global Goals.

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