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Fair Trade designated campus since 2016

Fair Trade Campus Week

Fair Trade Campus

How does Concordia support Fair Trade?

  • All coffee sold on campus is Fairtrade-certified, except for certain franchises.
  •  Fairtrade teas, sugar, chocolate and bananas are available for sale at food service locations, excluding franchises.
  • All approved caterers are required to provide Fairtrade coffee and tea exclusively. The next contract will expand the requirement to include sugar, too.
  • Concordia’s Sustainable Event Guide promotes and educates around Fairtrade certified products.
  • A multi-stakeholder Fair Trade Steering Committee works to deepen Concordia's committment to Fair Trade programming, services, and food offerings on campus
  • The Concordia Student Union (CSU), Graduate Students' Association (GSA), and Arts & Science Federation of Associations (ASFA) all include Fair Trade within their Sustainability Policies.

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Why do we need fair trade?

It is the mission of Fairtrade Canada to ensure decent working conditions, as well as fair terms of trade. In other words, fair trade contributes to the empowerment of rural populations around the world.

For more details on fair trade and its impact visit Fairtrade Canada’s website.

Fair Trade Campus Participants

How to get involved

  • Look for the Fair Trade mark when purchasing your next coffee, tea, chocolate, or banana!
  • Encourage your student group or office to adopt Fair Trade purchasing policies
  • Buy Fair Trade food and drinks for fundraisers, meetings, and events

To learn more more about how you can support Fair Trade on campus, contact claudette.torbey@concordia.ca

Did you know?

Fairtrade banana

Concordia is the first Canadian campus to offer 100% fair trade bananas in all its University Food Services outlets. Bananas are supplied by local Fairtrade-certified fruit importer Equifruit, Inc. The fruit comes from El Guabo, a cooperative of small producers in Ecuador.

Fairtrade sugar

Additionally, since the fall of 2017, Concordia Food Services are committed to purchasing 100% fair trade sugar. This sugar comes from the Maduvira Cooperative in Paraguay. 

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