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Sustainability initiatives

Concordia demonstrates sustainability through many initiatives that involve the university community on both campuses. Discover LEED-certified buildings, our zero-waste concordia program, student sustainability initiatives, and more groundbreaking projects.   

Waste - Earth Day coffee cup campaign


Waste refers to any type of discarded material that can be sent to landfills. Reducing waste reduces our impact on the environment. Find out how to dispose of packaging, food, electronic waste, construction materials, and more.  

Food - Loyola City Farm School


We strive to provide food on campus that improves the health of our students, employees, communities and the environment. We promote access to fresh, healthy, local and seasonal food  that promotes ecologically sound, economically viable and socially responsible agricultural practices.

Bulidings - Loyola LEED Gold GE building


Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is an internationally recognized sustainability rating system for buildings. Our LEED-certified buildings on campus reflect our commitment to best practices in construction on campus.  

Energy - SGW Campus


Faced with the global and local challenges of climate change, there is an urgent need for more efficient and cleaner energy consumption. At Concordia, the focus is on ensuring that all buildings are as energy efficient as possible.

Transport - JMSB bike path


As Concordians, we have many options when it comes to getting to and from the university. We cycle, carpool, car share and take public transport. Find out how you can take advantage of any of these transportation services.  

Water - Refill station


Water is essential in supporting life and providing food. Through different initiatives, Concordia strives to reduce water consumption and conserve this precious resource especially in consideration of the University’s highly urbanised location. 

Student Initiatives - CEED Concordia

Student Initiatives

At Concordia, sustainability has long been driven by a diversity of student projects, initiatives and activities. Meet the student groups that have laid the foundation for a sustainable campus and continue to drive sustainability at the University.


Sustainable Development Goals

Concordia is joining the Decade of Action to achieve the UN’s ambitious Sustainable Development Goals. The Goals draw on our strengths in community health, global literacy, water security, environmental impact and sustainable infrastructure design.

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