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Detailed course descriptions are available in Concordia's Academic Calendars:

John Molson School of Business

Course number Course title
Accountancy ACCO 410/470N Government/Not-for-profit Accounting
Management COMM 315 Business Law and Ethics
COMM 401 Strategy and Competition
MANA 299 Sustainable Management
MANA 369 Business and Sustainability
Marketing MARK 451 Marketing of Services
MARK 485 Business to Business Marketing
MARK 491F Food Marketing
MARK 492 Cross Cultural Communication and Management
Course number Course title
Finance GIIM 655 Socially Responsible and Sustainable Investment
Management EMBA 623 Managing in a Global Environment
EMBA 641 Corporate Governance
MBA 625 Managing Strategic Action
Supply Chain & Business Technology Management
MSCM 682 Sourcing and Global Logistics
Course number Course title
John Molson Executive Centre
JMEC 581 Intro to sustainable investing
John Molson Executive Centre JMEC 582 ESG concepts
John Molson Executive Centre JMEC 583 Sustainable Investment Certification

Faculty of Fine Arts

Course number Course title
Art Education ARTE 320 Multidisciplinary Approaches to Art and Teaching
ARTE 352 Light‑Based Media
ARTE 434 Professional Practice for Art Educators
Art History ARTH 376 Topics in Amerindian & Inuit Art
Design & Computation Arts DART 261 Introduction to Design Studies
DART 262 Design History and Theory II
DART 298* Special Topics in Design Art: Design History and Theory 3
DART 391 Collaborative Design Research I
DART 392 Collaborative Design Research II
DART 447 3D Design Technologies
DART 448 Ecology and 3D Design
DART 491 Discursive Design Research I
DART 492 Discursive Design Research II
Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema FMST 217 First Nations and Film
Theatre TDEV 209 The Artist in Community
Department Course number Course title
Art History ARTH 611 Industrialization and the Built Environment: The Right to the City
Creative Arts Therapies CATS 639 Interdisciplinary Topics: Cross-cultural Competence in the Creative Arts Therapies
Design & Computation Arts DART 600 Design Theory/Practice
DART 611 Interdisciplinary Practices in Design
DART 630 Special Topics in Sustainability
DART 632 Special Topics in the Built Environment
DART 502 Language, Politics, Manifestos - Reading Seminar

Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science

Course number Course title
Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering BLDG 472 Building Energy Conservation Technologies
BLDG 482 Impact of Technology on Society and Architecture
CIVI 361 Introduction to Environmental Engineering
CIVI 382 Water Resources Engineering
CIVI 390 Civil Engineering Design Project
CIVI 464 Environmental Impact Assessment
CIVI 466 Engineering Aspects of Chemical and Biological Processes
CIVI 467 Air Pollution and Emission Control
CIVI 483 Hydrology
CIVI 469 Geo-Environmental Engineering
Centre for Engineering and Society
ENCS 393 Social and Ethical Dimensions of Information and Communication Technologies
ENGR 201 Professional Practice and Responsibility
ENGR 202 Sustainable Development and Environmental Stewardship
ENGR 392 Impact of Technology on Society
Electrical and Computer Engineering ELEC 437 Renewable Energy Systems
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering INDU 440 Product Design and Development
INDU 330 Engineering Management
MECH 454 Vehicular Internal Combustion Engines
Department Course number Course title
Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering BLDG 6571 Project Management
BLDG 6601 Building Enclosure
BLDG 6781 Energy Management in Buildings
BLDG 6951 Solar Building Modelling and Design
BLDG 7511 Integrated Building Design
CIVI 6331 Hydraulic Engineering
CIVI 6411 Urban Transportation Planning
CIVI 6441 Traffic Engineering
CIVI 6481 Sustainable Management of Industrial Waste
CIVI 6491 Engineering Aspects of Site Remediation
CIVI 6601 Modelling in Building and Environmental Engineering
CIVI 6611 Environmental Engineering
CIVI 6621 Engineering Aspects of Biological Treatment of Water and Air
CIVI 6631 Hazardous Material Management and Transportation
CIVI 6641 Unit Operations in Environmental Engineering
CIVI 6651 Water Pollution and Control
CIVI 6661 Environmental Impact Assessment
CIVI 6671 Fate and Transport of Contaminants in the Environment
CIVI 7311 Advanced Analysis of Groudwater Flow and Contamination
ENGR 6601 Principles of Solar Engineering
ENGR 6611 Equipment Design for Solar Energy Conversion
ENGR 6661 Solar Energy Materials Science
ENGR 6811 Energy Resources: Conventional and Renewable
Centre for Engineering and Society
ENCS 6821 Development and Global Engineering
Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering INSE 6210 Total Quality Methodologies in Engineering
INSE 6290 Quality in Supply Chain Design
INSE 6311 Sustainable Infrastructure Planning and Management Systems
INSE 6400 Principles of Systems Engineering
INSE 6640 Smart Grids and Control System Security
Electrical and Computer Engineering
ELEC 6421 Renewable Energy Systems
ELEC 6471 Hybrid Vehicle Power System Design and Control
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering INDU 6221 Lean Enterprise
MECH 6761 Vehicular Internal Combustion Engines
MECH 6771 Driverless Ground Vehicles

Faculty of Arts and Science

Course number   Course title
Applied Human Sciences AHSC 310 Tourism in Canada
AHSC 311 Respecting Diversity/Human Relations
AHSC 312 Sexuality in Human Relations
AHSC 313 Family Communication
AHSC 314 Adolescence: Issues and Interventions
AHSC 319 Older Adulthood
AHSC 320 Family & Youth Legislation
AHSC 322 Fundamental Child Care Work
AHSC 427 Administration of Leisure Services
AHSC 443 Internship: Human Relations
AHSC 444 Community Development I
AHSC 445 Community Development II
AHSC 498J Sustainable Organisation Development
AHSC 499B Special Internship
Biology BIOL 202 General Biology
BIOL 203 Fundamental Nutrition
BIOL 205 Intro to Sustainability
BIOL 226 Biodiversity and Ecology
BIOL 321 Evolution
BIOL 330 Vertebrate Biology
BIOL 350 The Ecology of Individuals
BIOL 351 Basic Population Ecology
BIOL 353 Communities and Ecosystems
BIOL 443 Plant Molecular Genetics
BIOL 452 Population and Conservation Genetics
BIOL 457 Applied Ecology and Conservation Biology
BIOL 459 Aquatic Ecology
BIOL 484 Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology
Chemistry and Biochemistry CHEM 208 Chemistry in our Lives
CHEM 470 Environmental Biochemistry
Communication Studies COMS 368 Media and Gender
COMS 411 Sexuality and Public Discourse
Economics ECON 318 Canadian Economic Policy and Institutions
ECON 391 Economics of the Environment
ECON 491 Advanced Environmental Economics
Education EDUC 406 Educational Aspects of Physical Activity, Health and Wellness
EDUC 315 Sexual Health Education for Children and Youths
Geography, Planning and Environment
GEOG 203 Canadian Environmental Issues
GEOG 204 Global Environmental Issues
GEOG 272 The Natural Environment: Air and Water
GEOG 274 The Natural Environment: Land and Life
GEOG 290 Environment and Society
GEOG 375 Hydrology
GEOG/URBS 398U Urban Agriculture
GEOG 407 Indigenous Resource Management
GEOG 465 Remote Sensing
GEOG 470 Environmental Management
GEOG 473 Environment and Health
GEOG 474 Sustainable Forest Management
GEOG 498P Militarism and the City
GEOG 498Z/ GEOL 440 Environmental Earth Science
GEOL 298R Energy Sources: 21st Century
URBS 230 Urban Development
URBS 240 Planning
URBS 260 Analytical Methods in Urban Studies
URBS 293 Law and Regulations: Urban Planning
URBS 300 Neighbourhood/Community Planning
URBS 333 Urban Laboratory
URBS 420 Social and Cultural Geographies of Montreal
URBS 338 Urban Ecology
History HIST 394 Food in History
HIST 395 Environmental History
Journalism JOUR 205 Principals of Journal Thought
Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability LOYC 220 The Contemporary World
LOYC 230 Globalization and Diversity
LOYC 320 Biodiversity on Earth
LOYC 398 Local Sustainability and Community Building
Philosophy PHIL 236 Environmental Ethics
PHIL 241 Philosophy of Human Rights
PHIL 342 Political Philosophy
PHIL 440 Advanced Political Philosophy
PHIL 490 Advanced Continental
Physics PHYS 270 Introduction to Energy and Environment
PHYS 273 Energy and Environment
Political Science POLI 334 Political Participation in Canada
POLI 337 Politics of Japan
POLI 353 Principles of Public Policy
POLI 368 Media, Technology & Politics
POLI 394 Globalization and Sustainable Development
POLI 398H Environmental Law in Canada
POLI 398V Discrimination in Canada
POLI 404 International Institutions
POLI 410 Environmental Policies in the Developing World
POLI 411 Gender and Public Policy
POLI 419 Strategic Studies
POLI 421 Transnational Politics
POLI 423 Peace Studies & Global Governance
POLI 485 Issues in Development and Democracy
POLI 486S Politics of Endangered Species
POLI 487A Issues in African Development
Religion RELI 312 Justice & Social Conflict
RELI 355 Religion and Violence
School of Canadian Irish Studies IRST 315 The Troubles in Northern Ireland
School of Community and Public Affairs FPST 301 The Indian Act
FPST 321 First Peoples and Justice
FPST 402 First Peoples Contemporary Social Issues
FPST 410 First Peoples Community Development
FPST 414 Peoples Rights Movements
SCPA 352 Community and Local Activism
SCPA 450 Neo-Liberal Globalization and the Global Justice Movement
Science College SCOL 350L Environmental Earth Science
Sociology and Anthropology ANTH/SOCI 303 Indigenous Resurgence
ANTH 312 North‑American Anthropological Theories
ANTH 375 Social Constructs of Sexuality
ANTH 498N The New Imperialism
ANTH 498Z Globalization and Post-Global Studies
SOCI 230 Race & Ethnic Relations
SOCI 323 Economy and Society
SOCI/ANTH 398 Political Economics of Food
SOCI 498S Environment and Society
Theological Studies THEO 298E Theology and Environmental/Animal Ethics
THEO 351 Applied Ethical Issues
THEO 398T Justice and Reconciliation
Simone de Beauvoir Institute WSDB 290 Intro to Historical Perspectives in Women’s Studies
WSDB 291 Intro to Contemporary Concerns in Women’s Studies
WSDB 292 Feminisms & Research Methods
WSDB 380 Feminist Thought I
WSDB 390 Women and Peace
WSDB 391 Health Issues: Feminist Perspectives
Department Course number Course title
Applied Human Sciences AHSC 530 Community Youth Development
AHSC 675 Introduction to Open Systems Theory
Biology BIOL 521 Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology
BIOL 523 Agriculture and Agri-Food Biotechnology
BIOL 616 Current Advances in Ecological Research
BIOL 618 Ecology for Environmentalists
BIOL 623 Advanced Applied Ecology and Conservation
Chemistry and Biochemistry CHEM 646 Industrial Catalysis
CHEM 658 Aquatic Biogeochemistry
Communication Studies COMS 518 Cultures of Globalization
COMS 519 Communications and Indigenous People
COMS 535 Communications, Development and Colonialism
COMS 537 Race, Ethnicity and Media
COMS 538 Organizational Communication
COMS 539 Political Communication
COMS 547 International Communication
COMS 628 Organizational Communication
COMS 630 Communication, Development and Colonialism
COMS 634 International Communication
COMS 646 Alternative Media
COMS 873 Identities and Cultural Exchange
COMS 874 Globalization of Communication
COMS 877 International Communication and Development
COMS 882 Communication, Democracy and Power
COMS 889 Theories of Organizational Communication
Economics ECON 596 Natural Resource Economics
ECON 622 Economic Development
ECON 656 Public Finance: Expenditure
ECON 658 Environmental Economics
ECON 659 Economics for Environmentalists
ECON 858 Montreal Natural Resources and Environmental Economics Workshop
Education CHST 632 Issues in Inclusive and Special Education
EDUC 840-854 Educational Studies Area Tutorials
Geography, Planning and Environment ENVS 601 Environmental Assessment: Concepts, Principles and Practice
ENVS 604 Environmental Law and Policy
ENVS 605 Environmental Standards
ENVS 620 Advanced Topics in Environmental Assessment
ENVS 662 Data Collection and Analysis for Environmental Assessment
ENVS 663 Geographical Information System for Environmental Assessment
GEOG 607 Indigenous Resource Management
HENV 615 Research Group Seminar
HENV 620 Sustainable Transportation
HENV 625 Sustainable Resource Management
HENV 640 (Re)shaping the City
HENV 645 Bahaviour and the Urban Environment
HENV 650 The Political-Economy of the City
HENV 655 Environmental Modelling
HENV 660 Climate Change and Sustainable Development
HENV 670 Environmental Governance
HENV 675 Community-Based Conservation
HENV 680 Advanced Seminar in Environmental Science
HENV 690 Seminar in Social and Cultural Geography
HENV 805 Research Proposal Seminar
Journalism JOUR 630 Mediating Diversity
Philosophy PHIL 530 Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of Biotechnology
PHIL 624 Moral Problems
PHIL 626 Political Philosophy
PHIL 632 Environmental Philosophy
Political Science POLI 605 Environmental Policy and Governance
POLI 608 Globalization and Regional Integration
POLI 615 The Politics of Citizenship in Canada
POLI 617 Knowledge in International Relations
POLI 635 Agriculture, Biotechnology and Food Policy
POLI 637 Democracy and Regime Change
POLI 645 Indigenous Peoples and the State
POLI 649 Gender and Global Politics
POLI 659 International Organizations
POLI 662 International Political Economy
School of Community and Public Affairs
SCPA 501 Introduction to Community Economic Development
SCPA 502 Comparative Approaches and Models in CED
SCPA 503 Fundamental Skills for CED Practice
SCPA 504 Community Organizing and CED
SCPA 505 Social Enterprise Development and Social Entrepreneurship
SCPA 508 Financing CED Initiatives: Part I
SCPA 509 Financing CED Initiatives: Part II
SCPA 515 Housing and Land Use from a CED Perspective: Part I
SCPA 516 Housing and Land Use from a CED Perspective: Part II
SCPA 522 Communications, Technology and CED: Part I
SCPA 523 Communications, Technology and CED: Part II
SCPA 529 International Development and CED: Part I
SCPA 530 International Development and CED: Part II
SCPA 536 Aboriginal CED: Part I
SCPA 537 Aboriginal CED: Part II
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