Sustainability Governance Framework

The Governance Framework provides strategic direction in integrating sustainability within Concordia's decision-making process.

Sustainable Governance Framework

Framework Structure

In 2013, members of the President’s Executive Group of Concordia drafted a Sustainability Governance Framework to provide strategic direction in institutionalizing sustainability within the university’s decision-making process.

The Sustainability Governance Framework is composed of the Sustainability Steering Committee and three sub-committees. Each committee consists of representatives from students, staff and faculty members

A visual representation of the Sustainability Governance Framework is available here.


Sustainability Advisory Committee

Key functions: Conducts strategic planning and develops recommendations with respect to policy and plans, including resource allocations and reporting. 

Chair: Michael Di Grappa, Vice-President, Services and Sustainability  

Secretary: Rosa Gullo, Assistant to the Director, Environmental Health & Safety / Office of Sustainability


  • Amy Nguyen, Sustainability Coordinator, Concordia Student Union
  • Anne Whitelaw, Provost & Vice-President, Academic Affairs
  • Liz Miller, Professor, Communication Studies
  • Paula Wood-Adams, Vice-President, Research & Graduate Studies
  • Paul Chesser,Vice-President, Advancement & External Relations
  • Philippe Beauregard, Chief Communications Officer
  • Pietro Gasparrini, Director, Environmental Health and Safety / Office of Sustainability
  • Sabrina Lavoie, Executive Director Budget Planning/Business Development


Each sub-committee consists of representatives from different departments/units/groups of students, staff, and faculty members.

Operational and Environmental Sustainability (OES) sub-committee


Teaching, Learning and Research Sustainability (TLRS) sub-committee


Campus Sustainability Engagement (CSE) sub-committee

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