Sustainability Governance Framework

The Governance Framework provides strategic direction in integrating sustainability within Concordia's decision-making process.

Sustainable Governance Framework

Framework structure

In 2013, members of the President’s Executive Group of Concordia drafted a Sustainability Governance Framework (SGF) to provide strategic direction in institutionalizing sustainability within the university’s decision-making process. The Sustainability Governance Framework was composed of the Sustainability Steering Committee and three sub-committees.

In 2022, a process began to revise the Sustainability Governance Framework and an interim structure was put in place. The interim SGF is made up of the Sustainability Action Plan Committee which reports to the Sustainability Advisory Committee.


Sustainability Advisory Committee

Key functions: Conducts strategic planning and develops recommendations with respect to policy and plans, including resource allocations and reporting. 

Chair: Michael Di Grappa, Vice-President, Services and Sustainability  

Secretary: Rosa Gullo, Assistant to the Director, Environmental Health & Safety / Office of Sustainability


  • Sean Levis, Sustainability Coordinator, Concordia Student Union
  • Anne Whitelaw, Provost & Vice-President, Academic Affairs
  • Liz Miller, Professor, Communication Studies
  • Dominique Bérubé, Vice-President, Research & Graduate Studies
  • Paul Chesser, Vice-President, Advancement & External Relations
  • Philippe Beauregard, Chief Communications Officer
  • Pietro Gasparrini, Director, Environmental Health and Safety / Office of Sustainability
  • Sabrina Lavoie, Executive Director Budget Planning / Business Development


Sustainability Action Plan Committee

Key functions: Establishes consistent oversight and collaboration on the Sustainability Action Plan and its related programs and projects.

Chair: Pietro Gasparrini, Director, Environmental Health & Safety / Office of Sustainability

Secretary: Christian Favreau, Sustainability Engagement Assistant, Office of Sustainability


  • Amr Addas, Adjunct Professor, Department of Finance
  • Candace Jacobs, Interim Director, Institutional Communications, University Communications Services
  • Caroline Bogner, Senior Director, Procurement Services
  • Cassandra Lamontagne, Sustainability Manager, Office of Sustainability
  • Claudette Torbey, Administrator, Food Services Sustainability and Quality, Hospitality Concordia
    Stream represntative, Sustainable Food Systems Plan
  • Courtney Witter, Funding and Finance Coordinator, Sustainability Action Fund
  • Damon Matthews, Professor, Department of Geography, Planning and Environment
    Concordia Research Chair in Climate Science and Sustainability
    Stream representative, Climate Action Plan
  • Dominique Dumont, Director, Facilities Management Strategic Planning & Development
  • Elsa Younes, VP Internal Affairs, Engineering and Computer Science Association (ECA)
  • Faisal Shennib, Environmental Specialist, Facilities Management Property Management
    Stream representative, Zero Waste Plan
  • Florence Gruter, Curriculum Developer for Sustainability, Centre for Teaching and Learning
    Stream representative, Sustainability in Curriculum Plan
  • Fuzhan Nasiri, Associate Professor, Department of Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Jason Ens, Exec. Director, Academic Policy and Planning, Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic
  • Joshua Chalifour, Digital Scholarship Librarian, Library
  • Leisha LeCouvie, Senior Director, Alumni Relations, Office of the VP, University Advancement
  • Maddison Schmitt , General Coordinator, Fine Arts Student Association (FASA)
  • Maha Fakih, Advisor, Sustainability and Investment
  • Michael Greenstein, AVP Finance, Commerce and Administration Student Association (CASA)    
  • Monica Mulrennan, Associate Vice President, Research, Development and Outreach
    Professor, Department of Geography, Planning and Environment
    Stream representative, Sustainability in Research Plan
  • Nirdesh Madhani, ENCS Director, Graduate Student Association
  • Paige Keleher, External Coordinator, Sustainable Concordia
  • Pascale Biron, Professor, Department of Geography, Planning and Environment
  • Paula Russell, Student, Arts and Science Federation of Associations (ASFA)
  • pk Langshaw, Professor and Chair, Department of Design and Computational Arts
  • Rachel Berger, Associate Dean, Academic Programs and Development, Graduate Studies
  • Rebecca Tittler, Coordinator, Loyola Sustainability Research Centre / Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability
    Professor, Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability / Department of Biology / Department of Geography, Planning & Environment
  • Sarah Caille, Director, Hospitality Concordia
  • Sean Levis, Sustainability Coordinator, Concordia Student Union
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