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Concordia Sustainability Action Plan

Concordia has been busy developing our first-ever Sustainability Action Plan in collaboration with the wider Concordia community. Overarching goals include helping the university reach carbon neutrality and elaborating a roadmap for sustainability in the areas of food, waste, climate, research and curriculum.

Sustainability Action Plan - SGW campus photo

Sustainability Planning Timeline

Since the adoption of Concordia’s sustainability policy in 2016, Concordia has been collaborating with its community in order to develop a Sustainability Action Plan that addresses the university’s unique strengths and challenges.

Learn more about each of these important steps below.

Sustainability Planning - Timeline

If universities want governments and citizens to act on the science we produce, a good place to start is by translating our research into action through sustainable practices in our own operations and activities

Graham Carr, Concordia President and Vice-Chancellor

Sustainability Hub Lunch & Learn videos

Because the topics of Food, Waste, Climate Change, Research, and Curriculum form the basis of our Sustainability Action Plan, the Sustainability Hub workgroup engaged Concordians in its development through a series of Lunch & Learns. In this series of videos, we hear from the students, faculty and staff making change at Concordia around these topics.


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