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Sustainability Living Lab goals

The Sustainability Living Lab is an important component of the Sustainability Action Plan. The goals of the lab are to:

  • Link the Plan’s vision, goals and targets with hands-on learning activities for students through classroom projects and internship opportunities
  • Form partnerships with researchers interested in using the campus as a testing ground for solutions to sustainability problems
  • Enable community members to propose and implement projects that bring us closer to our goals of more sustainable food, waste, climate, research and curriculum at Concordia

The 2020-2021 pilot project version of the Living Lab is being developed through two primary avenues: the Sustainability Living Lab Funding Program and stakeholder consultations via a survey.

Stakeholder consultations

Sustainability, as a concept, is complex and interdisciplinary. It requires the involvement of diverse stakeholders. We want to hear from and work with our community of students, faculty, researchers, and staff on sustainability solutions.

For this reason we will first survey our community, then subsequently conduct targeted stakeholder consultation sessions to help us better understand the challenges, needs, and opportunities that exist at Concordia.

The survey should require no more than 10 minutes to complete. There is an option to indicate whether you wish to take part in the stakeholder consultation sessions to be held at a later time.

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