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Funding and supporting high-potential social transformation initiatives



  • Provide multiple rounds of initiative selection and a range of supports to a diverse set of high-potential initiatives;
  • Work with collaboration catalysts to offer small-scale funding and support packages, designed to initiate engagement with existing or emerging multi-stakeholder initiatives that have the potential for longer term engagement with SHIFT.


Fall 2019:

  • We recruited and built our Steering Committee, which is responsible for guiding SHIFT's funding allocation process in line with our mission and values
  • We consulted with partners to get feedback on our proposed funding and support model

November 2019:

  • We announced the details of our Funding and Support Program, designed to support multi-stakeholder teams working on socially transformative projects.

December 2019:

  • We launched the call for applications for Round 1 Funding and Support ($40,000 available)

January 2020:

  • We hosted information sessions and office hours to support applicants.
  • 39 teams submitted applications.

March 2020:

  • 7 project teams received funding for Round 1. Read more about these projects.
  • We decided to roll the funding original set aside for collaboration catalysts into the total funding pot available for Round 2.
  • We updated the details about our Funding and Support Program on our website, but delayed the official launch of Round 2 due to the evolving context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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