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Hub Topics

Funding Hub: Ensures that the funds distributed through the application-based funding program serve to support socially transformative projects that expand and enrich the SHIFT community, and that the new mechanisms developed to deploy larger strategic investments are aligned with SHIFT’s mission and values.

In-kind Support Hub: Ensures that the continuum of non-financial supports offered to SHIFT's funded projects result in the development of mutually beneficial collaborations and advance the socially transformative impact of this work.

Events Hub: Ensures that the events organised by SHIFT respond to the needs and interests of the SHIFT community, advance collective learning about social transformation across stakeholder groups and worldviews, and provide opportunities for deepening engagement with SHIFT.

Evaluation Hub: Ensures that SHIFT’s internal evaluation processes, and those conducted by its funded project teams with SHIFT’s support, are relevant, meaningful and able to contribute to increased socially transformative impact.

Governance Hub: Ensures that SHIFT’s decision-making processes are grounded in accountability to our community, informed by a diversity of perspectives, and designed to nurture a sense of shared ownership and contribute to collective learning about shared power.  

Member roles

Each Program Hub will be made up of 4 to 6 members of the SHIFT community.  Recruitment of Hub members is expected to take place in November 2020.

  • SHIFT staff member: Holds the responsibility of driving forward the operational component of the program area, bringing questions of strategic importance to the hub, and providing relevant information to other hub members. Acts as liaison with the SHIFT staff team to ensure coherence between program areas at an operational level. 
  • Hub members: Provides input, gives feedback and approves major strategic decisions related to the program area. Hub members contribute actively to the success of the program area according to the skills & expertise they bring to the group (facilitating connections through their networks, on-boarding new hub members, conducting research, etc.)
  • Steering Committee liaison: Holds the same decision-making authority as other hub members, but has the additional responsibility of acting as an information conduit between the Steering Committee and the Hub.
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