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  • Monitor and evaluate the impact of the SHIFT Funding and Support Program, taking into account questions of clarity and effectiveness of the funding model, transparency and fairness in application and selection processes, relevance and impact of accompaniment services, and overall alignment with SHIFT’s values and ways of working
  • Evaluate the relative effectiveness of the funding program in comparison to other SHIFT activities, comparing the investment of resources with the resulting impact on social transformation
  • Provide recommendations on the SHIFT project support and funding program, and potentially a redistribution of priorities for SHIFT activities, in year 2 and beyond
  • Propose metrics and processes to facilitate SHIFT’s ongoing impact evaluation and self-reflective learning



Rose-Anne St Paul is our Program Evaluation Advisor and is leading the Program Evaluation working group.

Rose-Anne's goal is to work with the Program Evaluation Working Group to evaluate and measure the impact of the SHIFT funding program, in order to make sure that SHIFT's activities are aligned with its values and serving social transformation in the most effective way possible. 

You can review the job description that outlines Rose-Anne's responsibilities and mandate.



Thy Anne Chu Quang, Project Manager at Naskapi Nation of Kawawachikamach

Emma Haraké, Coordinator and Community Facilitator at Concordia's Center for Oral History and Digital Storytelling (COHDS)

Laïty Fary Ndiaye, Community worker, evaluation consultant and lecturer at University St-Paul

Maria Stawnichy, Concordia undergraduate student in Human Relations and intern at Dean's Office of the Faculty of Arts and Science

Program_Eval_WG3 A snapshot from the first virtual meeting of the Program Evaluation Working Group.
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