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Our evolving governance structure strives to bring accountability and transparency to decision-making at SHIFT.  Find out who's involved and how it works. 

During our consultation period in Spring 2019, participants raised a number of compelling questions linked to the proposed governance structure. We decided these concerns were best addressed by moving into a phase of learning by doing and are committed to updating our governance structure at the end of our first year to improve its functioning and relevance to the SHIFT community.

Our pilot year governance structure has 3 components:

SHIFT Steering Committee

Ensures that major decisions regarding SHIFT's programming and operations are in line with our mission, vision, values and ways of working.

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Governance Working Group

Guides SHIFT’s experimentation with governance models that emphasize self-determination, shared power and deep accountability to community.

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Program Evaluation Working Group

Evaluates the effectiveness of the SHIFT Funding and Support program, comparing the investment of resources with the resulting impact.

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SHIFT's ongoing conversations about  governance are informed by a desire for agility, engagement and equity.


  • For SHIFT to thrive, our structures and processes must be agile and able to quickly and skillfully respond to evolving contexts and emerging ideas. 

  • Our success is equally dependent on the engagement of our members, meaning our structures and processes must foster a sense of ownership, belonging and accountability in all stakeholders. 

  • Finally, we believe SHIFT will be stronger if we are guided by principles of equity, diversity and inclusion in all our structures, processes and decision-making.
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