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Investing in impactful connections

We are looking for projects that:

  • Tackle a significant community-identified issue related to inequity, injustice and unsustainability;
  • Make a tangible impact on the system they are seeking to transform;
  • Connect to Concordia through teaching, learning, research or student life.

Program overview

The Social Transformation Fund supports multi-stakeholder teams who are connected to Concordia and working on community-driven projects that are striving for systemic change. Through this program, teams access funding and support to help them implement their project or amplify its impact.

The Social Transformation Fund offers two streams of funding:

Implementation stream

  • For teams who are ready to test a project for the first time or to repeat a project that they haven’t had the chance to evaluate yet. Applicants are seeking support to run this project and to measure its impact.
  • Amount available: $15,000 per project; four to six projects selected per year

Impact stream

  • For teams that have already run a project and have evidence of its contribution to systems change. Applicants need support to repeat this project or to increase or deepen its impact.
  • Amount available: $30,000 per project; two to three projects selected per year

Teams funded through this program must be interested in joining the Learning Community and contributing to SHIFT’s ecosystem more broadly. 

All eligible projects will be assessed through our participatory selection process and funding will be awarded to the projects that are most aligned with the selection criteria.

Value exchange

In-kind support (What does SHIFT offer?)

Each funded project has the opportunity to work with their SHIFT point person to co-create a tailored in-kind support plan that suits their needs.

Being part of the SHIFT Learning Community brings many benefits, including:

  • Connections with other socially transformative projects
  • Promotional support via SHIFT communications channels
  • Access to one paid Concordia student intern per semester (pending student interest)
  • Project development coaching, troubleshooting and feedback
  • Links to Concordia student and alumni volunteers for punctual engagements 
  • Relevant introductions across the SHIFT ecosystem
  • Other customized support to be discussed as needs/opportunities arise 

Project commitments (How do projects contribute to the SHIFT community?)

In the spirit of collaboration and reciprocity, and in lieu of traditional reporting requirements, we ask the teams we support to contribute to the vibrancy of the SHIFT community. Our goal is for this value exchange to be light, useful and relevant to the trajectory of each project.

SHIFT asks projects funded through the Social Transformation Fund to commit to the following:


  • Complete the project as described (at a high level)
  • Attend at least two meetings with SHIFT staff during your project to discuss progress, additional needs, etc.
  • Provide a high-quality photo of your project in action with permission to use it in SHIFT materials
  • Submit three bullet points describing your key learnings from this project
  • Share one output from your project with members of the SHIFT community (e.g., research finding, copy of project plan, information pamphlet, etc.)

Community engagement

  • Attend at least one networking event with other SHIFT funded projects
  • Participate actively in workshops offered through the Learning Community (if interested)
  • Offer four hours of coaching or support to another SHIFT funded project (if requested)
  • Participate in SHIFT’s own evaluation and assessment (if requested)

Application process

Applications for the Social Transformation Fund will open in January 2022.

Applicants will follow a three-step process that starts with a self-evaluation, followed by a simple application form. After these first two steps and following an initial review, the most promising applications will move forward to a final stage that requires additional documents and an interview.

Teams that advance to this third step will receive a $1,000 honorarium to recognize their efforts.

Additional details will follow upon the official launch of the program.


  • Teams may only submit one application to the Social Transformation Fund per year and must select up front whether their application is for the Implementation or Impact stream.
  • Teams who have previously received SHIFT funding must have completed all the deliverables of their earlier project in order to be eligible to apply for the Social Transformation Fund (does not apply to recipients of the Ongoing Connections Grant).

Support for applicants

SHIFT provides many resources to assist teams in the application process. More details will follow upon the launch of the program, in January 2022. To stay informed, subscribe to our newsletter.



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