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An important part of SHIFT’s commitment to participatory decision-making and shared power

SHIFT funding decision are made by independent and community-led juries

While each of our funding and support programs has a customized selection process, they all share a commitment to fostering community-ownership of funding decisions.

An independent selection jury composed of three to five people with a diversity of perspectives is assembled for each of our funding programs. Together they decide which projects will enter the SHIFT community and receive funding and support.

Interested in joining a SHIFT Selection Jury? 

Apply here to be added to our roster of potential jurors, for the next time we're in active recruitment. 


Thank you to our jury members!

Who is on the selection jury? 

Our funding decisions would not be possible without the contribution of many people!

Each year, we recruit a pool of jury members from which we draw on for each of our funding and support programs. We are grateful to the members of the SHIFT community who have dedicated their time and energy to reading and assessing applications and deliberating with their peers.

Past jury members

  • Alex Megelas, Concordia Office of Community Engagement
  • Allan Matudio, Kapitbisig (SHIFT funded project)
  • Annick Maugile Flavien, Concordia Black Perspectives Office
  • Ayan Mahdi, The Lavender Collective (SHIFT Funded Project)
  • Chesline Pierre-Paul, Decolonial Perspectives and Practices Hub (SHIFT Funded Project)
  • Christine Menendez, Amal Centre for Women (SHIFT Funded Project)
  • Dimitri Espérance, Community organizer & social entrepreneur
  • Elaine Cheasley Patterson, SHIFT Steering Committee member
  • Elisabeth Cramer, SHIFT Staff
  • Emma Haraké, Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling
  • Geneviève Sioui, Concordia Office of Community Engagement           
  • Indu Krishnamurthy, Microcredit Montreal
  • Jamilah Dei-Sharpe, Decolonial Perspectives and Practices Hub (SHIFT Funded Project)
  • Jen Gobby, SHIFT Steering Committee member
  • Julie Hamel, Social Innovation Fellow & Coach at District 3
  • Mark Underwood, Concordia Sexual Assault Resource Centre
  • Nadia Bhuiyan, Concordia Vice-Provost, Partnerships and Experiential Learning
  • Nadim Tadjine, Ville de Montréal
  • Prem Sooriyakumar, Concordia Office of Research
  • Richenda Grazette, SHIFT Steering Committee member
  • Rose-Anne St-Paul, Community researcher and former SHIFT Working Group Advisor
  • Sara Baptiste-Brown, SHIFT Steering Committee member
  • Sebastián Di Poi, Sustainability Action Fund
  • Stephanie Childs, SHIFT Staff
  • Tiffany Ashoona, Community member and former SHIFT employee
  • Will Prosper, Documentary filmmaker, Activist & Co-founder of Hoodstock

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