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Investing in valuable connections

We offer funding renewals to teams that:

  • Are active members of the SHIFT Learning Community;
  • Require additional support to continue advancing their previously funded project and building their capacity for systemic change;
  • Work closely with Concordia on their community-based project or are in the process of developing meaningful partnerships.

Program overview

The Ongoing Connections Grant (OCG) is a fund dedicated exclusively to active members of the Learning Community who have previously received funding from SHIFT. Through the OCG, we recognize the long-term nature of most social change projects and commit to maintaining ongoing supportive relationships with the projects we fund. Our hope is that through sustained engagement we can continue to expand the socially transformative potential of this work while building additional beneficial connections between these projects and Concordia.

This program offers additional financial support, a grant of $5,000 or $10,000 annually, to project teams whose work continues to align with SHIFT’s values and priorities.

All eligible projects will be assessed through our participatory selection process and funding will be awarded to the projects that remain aligned with the selection criteria.

Value exchange

Project commitments (What does SHIFT expect?)

In the spirit of collaboration and reciprocity, and in lieu of traditional reporting requirements, we ask the teams we support to contribute in-kind to the SHIFT community.

As an OCG recipient, your team commits to:

  • Participate in at least one Learning Community event
  • Share an output from your project that could be useful to other members of the SHIFT community
  • Offer four hours of coaching or support to another SHIFT-funded project
  • Make a presentation about your project, transferable learnings, and next steps at an event for the broader SHIFT community, upon invitation.

In-kind support (What does SHIFT offer?)

Each funded project has the opportunity to work with their SHIFT point person to co-create a tailored in-kind support plan that suits their needs.

The SHIFT Learning Community

Our Learning Community is composed of the members of existing and newly SHIFT-funded project teams. The SHIFT Learning Community is unique in its commitment to:

  • Drive work within respective neighbourhood, community, or institution towards justice, equity, and sustainability;
  • Learn from others about how to increase the socially transformative impact of their work;
  • Contribute to collective learning about how community-scale initiatives can bring about systems-level change.

Being part of the SHIFT Learning Community brings many benefits, including:

  • Connections with other socially transformative projects
  • Promotional support via SHIFT communications channels
  • Access to one paid Concordia student intern per term (pending student interest)
  • Project development coaching, troubleshooting and feedback
  • Links to Concordia student and alumni volunteers for punctual engagements
  • Relevant introductions across the SHIFT ecosystem
  • Other customized support to be discussed as needs/opportunities arise

Application process

Recognizing that eligible projects have previously passed through a selection jury and have an ongoing relationship with SHIFT, the OCG application process prioritizes opportunities for learning and exchange among SHIFT community members.

To apply, teams submit a simple form, which will be complemented by input from their SHIFT point person. Applicants are then invited to join a live conversation with a jury composed of three to five individuals, including members of other SHIFT-funded projects.

Rather than being dense and formal, the application and selection processes are designed to generate opportunities for different projects to learn about each other’s work and to provide constructive feedback. While all applications are assessed for their ongoing alignment with the SHIFT selection criteria, they are not compared nor in competition with each other.

Applications for the OCG are received on a rolling basis throughout the year and are reviewed after each of the following cut-off dates:

  • Sunday, October 30, 2022
  • Sunday, April 23, 2023

To acknowledge the value of their time and investment in the SHIFT community through the OCG application process, unsuccessful applicants will receive an honorarium.

Support for applicants

To assist you in the application process, we encourage you to consult your SHIFT point person. 




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