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Capacity Fund

Extending resources and capacity

SHIFT will support our partners in hiring consultants, trainers, or organizations that contribute to building capacity, knowledge and sustainability for a team or organization.

Program overview

SHIFT believes that social transformation is not possible unless teams and organizations are well supported and equipped with the resources, skills, and capacity to implement or leverage their work.   

Over the past years, we have provided in-kind support to our funded project teams on a case-by-case basis. We supported teams by facilitating their access to training, covering the costs of consultants, and catered to other organizational needs.  

To improve the clarity and availability of this offer, we are initiating the Capacity Fund, a program that will allow our project teams to make requests throughout the year.  

Supporting stronger teams  

The Capacity Fund is for you if:  

  • You are already part of the SHIFT Learning Community through a previously funded project, and are still aligned with SHIFT’s values and mission.  
  • You are seeking support with accessing training or consultants to support your team’s or organization’s sustainability.   
  • You are open to the possibility of shared learning with other SHIFT Learning Community members, as part of our goal of connecting our teams to one another towards a stronger social transformation ecosystem.  

Mutualizing learning  

SHIFT also believes that sharing and collectively utilizing knowledge, lessons learned, and insights can contribute to the advancement of socially transformative actions. Our wish is to facilitate connections between values-aligned groups and bring them together to amplify their respective work.  

In this context, we will be looking for opportunities to mutualize learning through shared training, shared learning, and community building.

This means, for example: 

  • When multiple applicants indicate similar needs, we will attempt to connect them. 
  • If we know of a training course that can support more than one group (depending on the nature), staff may conduct direct outreach to other project teams to invite them to participate.  

Support for applicants

At any time you can send email or book an appointment with our Funding and Evaluation Coordinator. 

You may also reach out to your SHIFT point-person. 

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