Amplifying our investments

We are looking for projects that:

  • Have previously received funding from SHIFT; 
  • Tackle a significant community-identified issue related to inequity, injustice and unsustainability;
  • Connect to Concordia through teaching, learning, research or student life;
  • Wish to collaborate with SHIFT to strengthen their socially transformative impact at Concordia, in the Montreal community and on the system they seek to transform.

Program overview

The Deep Investment Fund  will invest in 3 to 6 multi-stakeholder teams who are already part of the SHIFT Learning Community and are looking to realize longer term social transformation through: 

  • Expanding on previous projects 
    • Ex: grow to other boroughs if appropriate, translate resources into multiple languages 
  • Sharing their expertise 
    • Ex: work to create a credited course at Concordia based around community knowledge, engage in advocacy for policy change 
  • Embedding their work in institutions and systems 
    • Ex: collaborate with a Concordia office to change their service delivery, create a partnership with faculty for a permanent internship site  

Teams must be interested in leveraging SHIFT and Concordia resources to strengthen their project, create institutional transformation in Concordia and/or their own communities in the long-term.  

Funding details 

  • Up to $50,000 per year and up to a two-year commitment
  • Required and substantial customized support from SHIFT staff in collaboration with the broader SHIFT ecosystem (e.g., facilitating introductions, co-hosting project-related events, developing relevant research initiatives, co-producing publications and reports, etc.).
  • Up to 30% of the funding can be used for operational core costs (ex: HR salaries not tied to project), with the remaining 70%+ towards direct project costs (ex: project team salaries, materials, transportation).
  • Applications do not have to be for the same project initially supported by SHIFT but should be working towards the same goals or working on the same issue within the same community (-ies).


SHIFT's Deep Investment strategy

The Deep Investment approach is anchored in our vision of recognizing the potential that already exists within the SHIFT community and investing time and energy to develop truly transformational partnerships. Tailored Deep Investment collaborations will be co-developed by project teams and SHIFT staff and may engage four key support pillars:  


  • Work with SHIFT staff to connect to a greater diversity of stakeholders and experts from the university and beyond in order to amplify or unlock further social transformation potential.

Research & Learning

  • Become a teaching site for students, working with SHIFT to create experiential learning opportunities for paid interns.
  • Benefit from opportunities for deeper engagement with Concordia researchers, faculties, and offices.

Training & Support

  • Build your project teams’ capacity and project sustainability through identifying targeted learning opportunities based on needs and interests, in collaboration with Concordia services and offices.
  • Attend or lead training sessions with other members of the Learning Community.
  • Work with SHIFT staff on strategic initiatives, helping to remove roadblocks, and leveraging additional resources as possible.


  • Host events or co-work out of the SHIFT Centre with your project team and the wider community.

Value exchange

In-kind support (What does SHIFT offer?)

In addition to the standard benefits associated with membership in the SHIFT Learning Community, each funded project will work with SHIFT staff to co-create a tailored in-kind support plan that suits their needs.

We expect the content of these collaborations to vary and evolve with the specific needs and interests of each funded project. While SHIFT’s contributions will be grounded in our four deep investment support pillars, we also hope to see new support possibilities emerge over the course of our engagement.

Project commitments (How do projects contribute to the SHIFT community?)

In the spirit of collaboration and reciprocity, and in lieu of traditional reporting requirements, we ask the teams we fund to contribute to the vibrancy of the SHIFT community. Our goal is for this value exchange to be light, useful and relevant to the trajectory of each project.

SHIFT asks projects funded through the Deep Investment Fund to commit to the following:

Application process

There are two deadlines for the Deep Investment Fund: November 20, 2022, and April 2, 2023.

Support for applicants

SHIFT provides many resources to assist teams in the application process. In addition to the resources below, at any time you can send us an email or book an appointment to meet a member of the team.

Available resources:



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