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Supporting coalitions and collaborative efforts

Application deadline: Monday, October 16, 2023

After noticing a key gap in SHIFT’s existing ecosystem of funded projects, we are launching a special funding program with the aim of offering financial support to coalitions or collaborative efforts that are actively driving radical, underfunded political efforts through direct action, activism, mobilization, education, and public policy advocacy. 

Program overview

The Advocacy & Action Fund is designed to provide unrestricted funding to groups (coalitions, collaborative efforts) that are tackling a social issue using different approaches simultaneously (for example, both public policy advocacy and direct action).

The fund is only open to new groups that have not received funding from SHIFT before. In addition, the primary focus of this fund is on applicants who are utilizing diverse skills honed through various forms of organizing, all directed towards a shared goal, with an emphasis on those working on political action.

We believe in directing resources towards groups who are undertaking the challenging task of confronting systems and institutions in ways that are under-supported by the philanthropic sector. We are specifically targeting coalitions or collaborative dedicated to causes such as Indigenous sovereignty, labour rights, open borders, autonomy and freedom of movement, abolition, community solidarity and defense, climate justice, livable and affordable neighbourhoods, and beyond. 

We are looking to fund collaborations that already exist or are naturally occurring, and strongly encourage teams to not create project ideas for this fund.

We are also looking for teams that have an active interest in leveraging Concordia’s resources towards their mission, through the academic, administrative units, and student body at the university. 

For reference, our definitions are:

  • Coalition: a formal organization which brings together different groups under one umbrella towards the same overarching goal, or has representatives from other groups sitting on the coalition working groups

  • Collaborative: two or more organizations coming together to lead, more informally, a shared project.

Support for applicants

At any time you can send email or book an appointment with our Funding and Evaluation Coordinator. 

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