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Through our Funding and Support Program we are looking to attract and invest in multi-stakeholder teams working on socially transformative projects.

$120,000 is available to support socially transformative efforts in Montreal

Application deadline: Sunday, November 29, 2020

Investing in IDEAS

Total of $15,000 available

Your team is in an early stage of project development. You need support to build partnerships, better understand community needs, and/or create plans for moving your project forward.

Apply for $5,000


Total of $45,000 available

Your team is ready to test your project for the first time or to repeat a project you haven’t had the chance to evaluate yet. You need support to run your project and measure its impact.

Apply for $15,000

Investing in IMPACT

Total of $60,000 available

Your team has already run this project and has evidence of its contribution to systems change. You need support to repeat this project and/or to increase or deepen its impact.

Apply for $30,000

We’re looking for projects that:

Tackle a significant community identified issue related to inequity, injustice and unsustainability


Make a tangible impact on the system they are seeking to transform


Connect to Concordia through teaching, learning, research or student life

Results to date

SHIFT is proud to support 7 multi-stakeholder teams whose projects were selected in the first round of our Funding and Support Program. Read more about these transformative efforts, as well as the 15 additional projects that were funded through our Transformative Responses to COVID-19 program, to better understand the type of work SHIFT is aiming to support.


Working together

The SHIFT Funding and Support Program is designed to support multi-stakeholder teams.


  • Teams may be pre-existing groups of people or may be formed specifically to work on a SHIFT-funded project. 


  • A team must consist of individuals representing two or more stakeholder groups with at least one member based at Concordia and another external to the Concordia ecosystem.


  • As an exception, and to increase accessibility, the IDEAS stream is open to any individual, organization, or informal group who is working to contribute to social transformation within the greater Montreal area.  

Contributing to community learning

Recipients of SHIFT funding play a key role in nourishing our collective learning about social transformation. Through workshops, skill shares and collaborative evaluation processes, recipients of SHIFT funding are asked to share their expertise and experience with the SHIFT community.

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