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SHIFT provides funding and support to multi-stakeholder teams working on socially transformative projects.

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Program objectives

With an emphasis on supporting multi-stakeholder teams who are leading projects that connect Concordia and the community, SHIFT’s funding and support programs strive to:

  • Support socially transformative work by providing funding, coaching, training and other resources to project teams as needed.
  • Invest in high-potential projects that are aligned with SHIFT’s values and ways of working and to support them in reaching their next level of impact.
  • Identify existing and emerging multi-stakeholder projects that are working to make Montreal more just, equitable and sustainable
  • Recruit project teams into a Learning Community in which knowledge and expertise are shared between SHIFT staff and project teams, as well as between projects and the broader SHIFT community.

Guiding principles

In our ongoing work to design programs and develop processes for selecting projects and allocating funds, we’ve sought feedback from community members and partner organizations.

This is what we’ve heard so far:

  • Provide support: Ease the administrative burden on teams throughout the process by helping them to identify metrics, make budget projections, process expense claims, etc.
  • Recognize the value of what already exists: Don’t overvalue newness, and make it possible for projects that are already underway to receive support.
  • Stay consistent: Include options for ongoing funding to ensure project sustainability.
  • Communicate clearly: Make sure it is easy to understand what qualifies for funding and what doesn’t; host workshops and office hours so applicants can ask questions.
  • Keep it simple: Ensure that the application forms are easy to understand and not too burdensome to complete.
  • Stay flexible: Consider having an ongoing open call for proposals so that you can support projects when they need it most.
  • Avoid unnecessary constraints: Don’t over-restrict how funding can be used.

Contributing to community learning

The SHIFT community plays a key role in nourishing our collective learning about social transformation.

Through workshops, skill sharing and collaborative evaluation processes, recipients of SHIFT funding are asked to share their expertise and experience with the SHIFT community.


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