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SHIFT is proud to support the work of many multi-stakeholder teams who are leading transformative projects around Montreal.  

Gateway Program (2021-2022)

The Gateway Program supports community-based projects led by teams committed to learning about and working for social transformation.

A total of $50,000 is available per year. 

BHC logo Illustration: Black Healing Centre

Healing Through Art Days 

Daily microaggressions and racist incidents create a continuous toll on the mental health of Black people. Healing Through Art Days, presented by the Black Healing Centre, is intended to be a safe space for Montreal's Black community to explore their artistic abilities as a means of alleviating social isolation and symptoms of seasonal affective disorder.

SHIFT LOVES: Implementing transformative healing frameworks for and by the community 

Instrumentalizing art as a tool for self and collective healing

Funding Stream: GATEWAY

Funding Amount: $5,000

Black women's experiences within the Quebec Women's Movement "Parcours des femmes Noires dans le milieu féministe québécois"

In an effort to shed light on the mechanisms of exclusion and oppression experienced by Black women in Quebec's feminist movement, testimonies of women who have been involved in self-proclaimed egalitarian organizations will be documented. By compiling a multiplicity of experiences, the project aims to put forward and legitimize the contribution of Black women to the feminist movement in Quebec. 

SHIFT LOVES:  Lifting marginalized voices to foster an intersectional feminist dialogue 

Creating space to recognize the contribution of Black women to social progress

Funding Stream: GATEWAY

Funding Amount: $5,000

shift-gateway-parcours Photo: Parcours des femmes Noires dans le milieu féministe québécois

People drawing and painting on a table Photo: La Ruche D'Art de NDG Art Hive

NDG Art Hives HLM 

The NDG Art Hive is an open art studio where weekly workshops are held for tenants living in the four HLMs of NDG. The project will help break the social isolation experienced by seniors and marginalized families and encourage participants to organize activities among themselves. 

SHIFT LOVES: Paving the way for tenants mobilization and advocacy  

Building capacity and confidence for tenants to take leadership in their community 

Funding Stream: GATEWAY 

Funding Amount: $5,000

Rooting for Each Other

The Centre for Gender Advocacy, a Concordia student-funded organization, will build on its long history of offering peer-support services and expand this work to include programming designed by and for QTBIPOC folx. By providing an offering based on creative and collective experiences, the center will challenge the idea that mental health can only be addressed in clinical spaces. 

SHIFT LOVES: Deconstructing and rethinking institutionalized models of healing

Advancing a healing model centered on community-based care for QTBIPOC folx

Funding Stream: GATEWAY

Funding Amount: $5,000


Two girls walking a small river collecting mud with a shovel Photo: Young Roots Farm

Young Roots City 

Building from relationships developed with youth at Teen Haven and Tyndale through their participation in Camp Amy Molson, the project will engage youth in vulnerable circumstances in the bioremediation of land located in Montreal. Youth participants will acquire homesteading skills while helping to create the first carbon-neutral camp in Canada.

SHIFT LOVES: Youth as agents of transformation at the intersection of healing the earth and healing the heart

Empowering youth to gain sustainable, lifelong learning while deepening their relationship with the land

Funding Stream: GATEWAY

Funding Amount: $5,000

2020-2021 Funded Projects

Launched in the fall of 2020, the second round of SHIFT's Funding and Support Program offered $120,000 to support socially transformative projects across three separate streams, each tailored to a different level of funding.

Art for Social Change

Montreal en Action will work with BIPOC artists to create visual representations of the 38 recommendations that came out of Montreal’s public consultation on systemic racism. By increasing the number of Montrealers who are aware of these recommendations, they aim to exert pressure on elected officials and to hold the City of Montreal accountable for this important work.

SHIFT LOVES: Using arts-based advocacy to create community accountability

Ensuring that success at a policy level translates into concrete actions and tangible gains in the struggle to end systemic racism

Funding Stream: IDEAS

Funding Amount: $5,000

An illustration of a large crowd of people with different skin and hair colours and clothing Illustration from the Summary Report prepared by the OCPM

A long line of plastic bottles of different shapes and sizes with trees in the background Photo by Mali Maeder on Pexels.

Concordia Precious Plastic Project (CP3)

Led by a multi-disciplinary team of students, CP3 will partner with key actors from around the university to transform the plastic waste management system at Concordia. Through research, public awareness campaigns and the implementation of a new recycling process, they aim to develop a replicable model that will help tackle the global plastic crisis.

SHIFT LOVES: Investing in student-led solutions to systemic challenges

Supporting small scale prototypes on campus to allow for the development of skills and models that can then be adapted for implementation in other institutions.

Funding stream: IDEAS

Funding amount: $5,000

Ferme urbaine Duff-Court

The Comité de vie de quartier Duff-Court (COVIQ) and the Lachine Sustainable Food Systems team will partner with Concordia students and professors to expand their sustainable urban garden project. Together, they aim to transform the Duff Court neighborhood from a food desert into a model for vibrant and healthy food systems that nourish the local communities and the land.  

SHIFT LOVES: Experiential learning that supports community-identified priorities

Students and researchers gaining hands-on experience while supporting a resident-driven initiative for sustainable and participatory community development in a low-income neighbourhood.

Funding stream: IMPACT

Funding amount: $30,000

A man bends over working on a raised garden bed of leafy greens with a grey slatted fence behind him Photo by Priscilla du Preez on Unsplash.

Close-up of a silver microphone in a black microphone stand Photo by Robinson Recalde on Unsplash.

Gathering Vision

Indigenous organizers will interview members of the Indigenous Street Community in Milton-Parc in order to create a living document that positions community members as advocates and experts in the development of policies and programming that affects them. This project aims to address the widespread problem of civic and social service organizations making decisions on behalf of Indigenous peoples and, in turn, act as a catalyst for Indigenizing cohabitation in the neighbourhood.  

SHIFT LOVES: Centering the expertise of people most impacted by an issue

Ensuring that members of the Indigenous Street Community have the resources and platforms to exercise leadership over the design and implementation of solutions for their future.  

Funding stream: IDEAS

Funding amount: $5,000

Listeners Training

Building from the toolkit developed with SHIFT’s financial support in 2020, the Amal Centre for Women and Concordia University Student Parents Centre (CUSP) will provide training and mentorship to increase the confidence and wellbeing of Muslim women who provide informal support to their peers during disclosures of gender-based violence. The support of a strong, resilient peer network allows people in vulnerable situations to more confidently advocate for themselves when interacting with social services and other public institutions.   

SHIFT LOVES: Communities reclaiming power in institutional relationships

Investing in existing informal networks created by and for marginalized communities and valuing their capacity to shift power dynamics and advocate for culturally-relevant social services.

Funding stream: IMPLEMENTATION

Funding amount: $15,000

A view from behind of two women wearing hijabs walking arm and arm in a forest. Photo by Jurrien Huggins on Unsplash.

Two Black youth sit side-by-side looking at each other with shy smiles Photo by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash.

Peer Support Groups 

Black Mental Health Connections Montreal is combining their community-led expertise in Black mental health with the Concordia Wellness Centre’s experience in developing peer support programming to pilot two peer support groups for English-speaking Black youth. With the goal of creating a replicable model, this peer-to-peer programming aims to create space for vulnerable conversations, connect participants to Black-specific resources, and facilitate the healing of traumas caused by ongoing systemic racism.

SHIFT LOVES: Resourcing youth-driven initiatives to catalyze community change

Building structures that support youth leadership and tackle community stigma around mental health to allow for intergenerational healing.   

Funding stream: IMPLEMENTATION

Funding amount: $15,000

Support Without Status

Recognizing that non-status migrants have a vital leadership role to play in advancing systemic change in the immigration system, this collaboration between migrant justice organizations aims to reduce the barriers that impede this important engagement. Increasing the capacity and sustainability of existing migrant-led solidarity networks to provide psycho-social and material resources will create the essential preconditions for social movement organizing.  

SHIFT LOVES: Sustaining and strengthening well-established solidarity networks

Recognizing the value of resourcing people and relationships so that important grassroots work can continue with more stability, building momentum towards systemic change.

Funding stream: IMPLEMENTATION

Funding amount: $15,000

A grey concrete wall with the words "Everyone is Welcome" painted above graffiti Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash.

A mother and child sit on the floor taping a box closed as they prepare to move Photo by Cottonbro on Pexels.

Transitions Project

Logifem will work with an occupational therapist, a moving company, a data-management consultant and JSMB students to provide a more holistic set of supports for women transitioning out of shelter-living into their own apartments. Combining these customized services with a robust evaluation, they aim to demonstrate that a gender-informed approach to housing can better support women to permanently exit the cycle of homelessness.

SHIFT LOVES: Unconventional partnerships that enable experimentation

Leveraging strong connections between diverse stakeholders, fostered by the JMSB Community Service Initiative Roundtable, to adapt each aspect of this project to the community’s specific needs. 

Funding stream: IMPACT

Funding amount: $30,000

2019-2020 Funded Projects

Launched in the fall of 2019, the inaugural round of SHIFT's Funding and Support Program offered $40,000 to support multi-stakeholder teams who were connected to Concordia and leading socially transformative projects at any stage of development.

A Black woman smiles, sitting behind a desk looking into the distance. There are also three men, one sitting beside her wearing glasses.

Concordia Walls to Bridges Program

A team of faculty members and graduate students, with strong ties to Montreal-based Indigenous community organisations and the prison abolition movement, will host a training led by formerly incarcerated leaders from the successful Walls to Bridges program. They plan to establish a similar program at Concordia, offering university courses to mixed groups of incarcerated and non-incarcerated students.

SHIFT LOVES: Relationship building for reciprocity and knowledge sharing

Investing in long-term partnership development with the communities most negatively affected by the prison system, to enable program design and direction to be guided by their leadership.

Funding stream: IDEAS

Funding amount: $5,000

Creative Arts Therapy Training Clinic

The Creative Arts Therapy Training Clinic will work in partnership with the Student Wellness Centre to build a more robust and accessible mental health support ecosystem at Concordia that’s open to the community and serves as a practicum site for graduate students to apply their learning.

SHIFT LOVES: Innovative partnerships in teaching and learning for social impact

Leveraging interdepartmental collaborations to offer experiential learning opportunities for Concordia students, while improving access to mental health resources for our students and community.

Funding stream: IDEAS

Funding amount: $5,000

People's hands creating flowers from colored cardboard sheets. Art workshop by the Creatives arts therapy clinic.

Four different hands hold each other by the wrist in an interlocking pattern.

The Decolonial Perspectives and Practices Hub

The DPP Hub will continue to host collaborative learning events at Concordia with the goal of transforming racist, heteronormative and colonial biases in higher education by celebrating and promoting the contributions of QTBIPOC communities (Queer, Trans*, Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour).

SHIFT LOVES: Concordia “intrapreneurship,” leading change from within

QTBIPOC Concordia students and faculty members leading the process of building the momentum, skills and networks required to create long-term systemic change within their own institution.

Funding stream: IMPLEMENTATION

Funding amount: $4,300

The evolution of Li-Ber-T House

Li-Ber-T house is working with Concordia faculty member Dr. Felice Yuen and graduate student Beatriz Hoffmann-Kuhnt to advance their plans of offering transitional housing to women exiting addiction rehabilitation or incarceration facilities. By offering supportive services, skills training and experiences of social inclusion, they hope to increase the likelihood of successful transitions to healthy and safe futures for marginalised women.

SHIFT LOVES: Projects led by lived expertise, propelled by research

A project led by someone who has successfully transitioned out of the criminal justice system and addiction rehabilitation will be supported by university-based expertise in best practices for successful post-rehabilitation and post-incarceration transitions.

Funding stream: IDEAS

Funding amount: $7,000

A small model house in the palm of a hand with another hand cupping it on top.

A Black man holds a piece of broken glass in which his face is reflected Photo by Jurrien Huggins on Unsplash

Healing Through Generations

The Lavender Collective and the Black Perspectives Office are collaborating to expand and promote an online database of racialised mental health professionals, to support racialised students and community members in accessing mental health services adapted to their needs and experiences.

SHIFT LOVES: Multi-stakeholder collaborations to scale up potential impact

A community organization, Concordia staff and Concordia students working together to address a community-identified need at the intersection of systemic racism and mental health

Funding stream: IMPACT

Funding amount: $10,000

A toolkit for optimizing intervention  

Based on a nearly 20 year history of providing services to immigrant women and families experiencing conjugal violence, the Amal Centre for Women will work with Dr. Rosemary Reilly to develop a toolkit on providing culturally-sensitive services to vulnerable clientele, and share it with partners across the city.

SHIFT LOVES: Leveraging front-line service expertise for systems change

Sharing best practices developed through a project for Muslim women, by Muslim women, with the goal of reducing the impacts of xenophobia and racism experienced in institutions and public services.

Funding stream: IMPLEMENTATION

Funding amount: $4,815

A woman with curly black hair greets another woman wearing a blue hijab.

A young woman with short brown hair gives a bag of popcorn to a person wearing a black coat.

Waste Not Want Not

After having successfully increased composting habits at Concordia through education and infrastructure improvements, the Waste Not Want Not team is taking their first steps towards spreading their model to other public and private institutions across Montreal.

SHIFT LOVES: Championing internal innovation success stories off-campus

Supporting a successful Concordia-based sustainability project to scale their impact on waste management from institution-wide to city-wide.

Funding stream: IDEAS

Funding amount: $4,000

Transformative Responses Funding Program

From April to June 2020, SHIFT allocated $70,000 to 15 local initiatives that were responding to the circumstances created by the global pandemic and striving for social transformation in the crisis and post-crisis context. Read more here.

Kapit-Bisig Laban Covid: A connection hub providing for the emergency needs of family caregivers, temporary workers and newly arrived immigrants in the Filipino community while connecting them to advocacy resources and information in their own language about their rights as workers in Canada. SHIFT Support: $5,000

Marché commun: A collective of media professionals will partner with a network of volunteers that emerged to offer emergency delivery services to seniors during the pandemic to create a non-profit or cooperative delivery service that prioritizes workers rights and the needs of local businesses. SHIFT Support: $3,000

Ageing + Communication + Technologies Grocery Response NDG: Seniors facing the double burden of social isolation and low access to internet are being supported in accessing a range of community services using low-tech tools, while project organizers raise awareness about the risks created by policies that make essential services only available online and the need for low-cost internet services. SHIFT Support: $5,000

Access to Justice for Refugee Status Claimants: A local lawyer who came to Canada as a refugee himself will provide services to refugee claimants of African origins so they can access essential information in their own languages during the crisis, and work towards establishing more resources to reduce the systemic injustice experienced by African refugee claimants in Canada. SHIFT Support: $5,000

Time to connect: A community organization will provide access to and nurture a virtual communication network between low income single mothers, connecting them to one another throughout this period of confinement in order to continue their empowerment-based programming that aims to break the cycle of poverty. SHIFT Support: $3,000

Fil Collectif/Collective Thread: Building from a resident-led mutual aid group, this project will provide Parc Extension mothers with the tools and materials needed to start small businesses producing reusable masks. In addition to creating opportunities for at-home, paid work for marginalized women, distributing the masks in the neighbourhood through local community organisations will increase the health and safety risks of low income residents. SHIFT Support: $5,000

Sharing Stories from the Underground: The Solidarity Across Borders network will organise media and digital communication training to support non-status migrants in sharing their stories, raising awareness about unsafe working conditions, lack of access to healthcare and precarious legal situations that contribute to their systemic discrimination. SHIFT Support: $5,000

NDG Cares: A resident-led solidarity project to build a community garden that will enable members of the socially and geographically isolated St Raymond’s neighbourhood to build community, beautify their own green spaces and grow their own food. SHIFT Support: $5,000

Culture Change in Long-Term Care: Through online community engagement, a virtual summit, and knowledge dissemination, this project will catalyze conversations across sectors, centre the voices of those with lived experience, and work with provincial and federal policy makers to build an intergenerational movement towards a culture for elders built on dignity. SHIFT Support: $5,000

Montreal Vision for a Just Recovery: Environmental movement actors, social justice organisers, leaders of mutual aid groups and community members will participate in three collaborative sessions to articulate a vision for a stronger, more resilient Montreal. The documents created through these processes will be used to initiate conversations with key decision-makers about emerging from the current crisis in a more just and equitable way. SHIFT Support: $5,000

Connecting 2LGBTQ+ youth to resources: A community organization will help to break the heightened social isolation experienced by trans and non-binary youth by hosting a series of workshops that will empower these youth to support one another, to access health and wellness information provided by a network of 2LGBTQ+ community members and to connect with resources adapted to their needs. SHIFT Support: $5,000

“Home” - Narratives of Confinement: Women who have been disproportionately impacted by this crisis will participate in storytelling circles that invite them to narrate their experiences of confinement and the layers of labour involved in working from home. In addition to being a supportive space these circles will allow for the gathering of qualitative data which will be used to advocate for policy change. SHIFT Support: $4,975

Changing Mindsets Through Human Connection: The organizers behind the Je Me Souviendrai video series will continue to change the hearts and minds of people who hold prejudice, bias, and racist beliefs by creating and sharing media content that actively counters racist stereotypes and offers positive, strength-based narratives about healthcare workers and other marginalized individuals. SHIFT Support: $5,000

Hamidou Horticulture: A local agro-entrepreneur will train Afro-descendent families in the techniques of food production, marketing, and distribution in order to to build a network of Afro-descendent agricultural professionals who can run small businesses of their own and increase the availability of organic, locally cultivated, culturally-relevant foods. SHIFT Support: $5,000

Diverse Language Capsules on Topics Related to Conjugal Violence: A community organization will create and disseminate video capsules that provide culturally relevant information about resources related to conjugal violence in a variety of languages with the goal of breaking down barriers to essential services and ultimately inspiring a larger change in the accessibility of Quebec's social support systems. SHIFT Support: $4,000

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