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Arts, culture and recreation

L'île Saint-Bernard

L'île Saint-Bernard is a historical location which provides a hotel for meetings and retreats, as well as a wildlife protected animal sanctuary. This small island is located just outside of Kahnawà:ke on the South Shore of Montréal. They offer a number of activities including guided tours, snowshoeing and water sports.

First Nations Garden

The First Nations Garden at the Botanical Gardens offers the public the opportunity to learn about traditional Aboriginal knowledge and explore medicinal plants used by local Aboriginal peoples in Montréal, among other related activities. It is a beautiful space to explore when you feel the need to escape the urban environment of the city!

Cedar & Gold

Cedar & Gold is a Montréal-based organization whose primary focus is healing among Aboriginal communities in the form of physical health and spiritual well-being. The Cedar & Gold team work with the Native Friendship Centre of Montréal to bring urban Aboriginals healing activities such as drum circles, drum making, meditation circles, pipe ceremonies, sweat lodge ceremonies, and full moon circles for women.

Indigenous Art Research Group

Concordia University’s Indigenous Art Research Group (IARG) encourages and promotes all forms of Indigenous art, and brings the public activities like art exhibits, beading workshops and film screenings, among other art-related events. The IARG launched their journal, Relations, on April 20th, 2016. The journal focuses on Indigenous art and art history, as well as “revealing contemporary colonial "truth" and addressing problems with and potential for "(re)conciliation" in the context of these truths.”

Sacred Fire Productions

Sacred Fire Productions is an organization that supports Aboriginal arts in Montréal. They provide exposure for Aboriginal artists and host events featuring Aboriginal artwork. Some of these events take place at the Ashukan Cultural Space, located in Old Montréal, which opened on May 15th, 2015.

Aboriginal Curatorial Collective

The Aboriginal Curatorial Collective (ACC) is a curatorial group aimed towards promoting artistic campaigns within the Aboriginal community in Canada and Montréal. Their website features events, job postings related to art, and some related readings. Often, their promoted events are bilingual.

Native Friendship Centre of Montréal, Inc.

This non-profit organization is located right in the heart of downtown Montréal, on the corner of St. Laurent Boulevard & Ontario. They offer a welcoming space for all Aboriginal people and offer cultural events such as beading, drumming, feasts and pow wows. The Native Friendship Centre of Montréal, Inc. (NFCM) offers safe-haven, sense of community, and bannock (!) to those transitioning from small-town rez life to big city life. They also have a street team dedicated to outreach in the urban Aboriginal community.

The Roundhouse

Created as a project to encourage and promote employment within the urban Aboriginal community in Montréal, the Roundhouse is an Aboriginal-run café, located in Cabot Square near Avenue Atwater & Rue Ste-Catherine O. Avataq Cultural Institute Since 1980, this institution has been a strong foundation for Inuit culture and language.

Mohawk Girls

Mohawk Girls is a locally filmed television show on APTN, starring Brittany LeBorgne, Concordia University alumni, featured in the article “From Kahnawà:ke to the Red Carpet.” View past episodes and seasons online, or watch current episodes on APTN!

Pow Wows in the greater Montréal area

A gathering for all nations, pow wow is the time for Aboriginal peoples to congregate, to dance and sing, to visit their Nation and other Nations, meet new people and celebrate their culture. Often, pow wows provide information booths and vending booths, connecting you to the great Aboriginal community in Montréal!



Concordia University’s Second Annual First Voices week is scheduled for January 2017. The week includes events, lectures and workshops aimed toward Aboriginal awareness, education, and celebration of culture. More details to come!

McGill University’s 13th Annual Pow Wow is held each year in September to launch the new school year and educate Montreal on Indigenous culture. All are welcome to attend this beautiful event located on McGill’s grounds.

McGill University
Indigenous Access Portal

The Indigenous Access Portal is McGill University’s Indigenous hub providing access to current events and resources related to Indigenous peoples. Check out McGill’s Indigenous Awareness Week in September!

Vanier College
Indigenous Circle / Montréal Pow Wow

Vanier College provides the Aboriginal community in Montréal with an annual pow wow and an Indigenous Circle to support Aboriginal students at Vanier.

Dawson College
First Peoples Initiative

Dawson’s First Peoples Initiative hosts various events throughout the year, and celebrates Indigenous culture on their “Indigenous Days” in April. Dawson also has an Indigenous Student Association for Dawson students to get involved in the Indigenous community and has recently launched programming.

Montréal First Peoples Festival

This colorful festival takes place in Montréal from July to August, and there is an annual march celebrating National Aboriginal Day in Canada that takes place on June 21st at 2:00 pm. The march is from St. Jacques Street, at the intersection of St. Laurent Boulevard, towards Place d’Armes, where a celebration takes place!

Echoes of a Proud Nation Pow Wow

Kahnawà:ke celebrates its 25th annual Pow Wow in July 2015. The pow wow takes place every year during the second weekend in July. With competitive traditional dancing, drumming and singing, delicious local food, and vendors and visitors from around the world, this is an event you don’t want to miss!

Cultural Resources: People and Groups

Indigenous individuals and groups in the greater Montreal area that offer singing, dancing and
various talents!

Odaya – Photo Credit: © Marie Fournier 2013 Odaya – Photo Credit: © Marie Fournier 2013
Norman Achneepineskum © College Regina Assumpta Norman Achneepineskum © College Regina Assumpta

Buffalo Hat Singers 

A contemporary drum group with drum carrier and lead singer Norman Achneepineskum, featuring singers Normand Raymond, Karl Côté, Fred Cheezo, Justin Charland, Pedro Diaz, and Samuel Medrano. The group is a well-known and visible staple in the Montreal area.


Deer Family Dance Troupe 

Featuring traditional dancers of various ages and genres from the Mohawk nation, Ray Deer and family participate in a number of events and pow wows across Montréal.  Bringing with them a charismatic and fun attitude, they always host great events. Contact 450-635-7422 or


A contemporary drum group with drum carrier and lead singer Norman Achneepineskum, featuring singers Normand Raymond, Karl Côté, Fred Cheezo, Justin Charland, Pedro Diaz, and Samuel Medrano. The group is a well-known and visible staple in the Montreal area.

Nina Segalowitz

Inuit Throat Singer, Nina Segalowitz, has been performing in and around Montreal for numerous years. Her powerful voice is sure to echo in your heart and spirit.

Wapikoni Mobile

A mobile film training program that travels to Aboriginal communities to visit youth and host practical workshops tailored to the needs of the community.

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