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Resources for students

Welcome to the Urban Indigenous Community in Montréal! Did you know there is a vibrant Indigenous network in Montréal, consisting of Indigenous nations across Canada? This page will give you an overview of some of the Indigenous organizations, groups and businesses in the greater Montréal area. The goal is to connect you to Indigenous resources regarding education & training, arts, culture, spirituality, health, well-being and recreation.

On-campus resources

Aboriginal Student Resource Centre (ASRC)

ARSC cook-off In April 2016, the Aboriginal Student Resource Centre hosted an interactive community-building cook-off that included about twenty-five participants.

To assist students achieve their highest academic potential, Concordia’s Aboriginal Student Resource Centre (ASRC) provides a welcoming, on-campus space where students from diverse Aborginal communities can benefit from an array of resources and services to excel in their studies while staying connected to the languages, customs, traditions and teachings of their ancestors.  

The centre also offers valuable information for aspiring, and new and returning aboriginal students as well as details on available scholarships and bursaries.

Learn more about ASRC and its available resources, activities and opening hours.

Indigenous Student Groups

Concordia students lead a wide variety of groups that span cultural, social, professional, community and academic interests to help you get the most of your university experience.

Off-campus resources

Arts, culture and recreation
L’île Saint-Bernard – Photo Credit: © Dominic Gendron L’île Saint-Bernard – Photo Credit: © Dominic Gendron

Are you aware that there are a number of Indigenous artistic and cultural outlets in Montréal? No matter what type of art or recreation you are looking for – beading, computer graphics, dance, drumming, painting, photography, singing, yoga, nature – there is something for you in the Montréal area. Here are some events and groups to suit any of your artistic and recreational needs as an Aboriginal individual.

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Political activism & social justice

Montréal is a primary location for political activism and social justice. There are annual marches, conferences, discussions and peaceful gatherings regarding the Aboriginal population of Turtle Island concerning decolonization, environmental issues, missing and murdered indigenous women, reconciliation, and solidarity.

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Support for health & well-being
Morning Star, Elder in Residence at the Aboriginal Student Resource Centre at  Concordia University Morning Star, Elder in Residence at the Aboriginal Student Resource Centre at Concordia University

Many Indigenous peoples feel spiritually and culturally connected to the Earth and one another. If you are away from your community, family and friends for an extended period, it can really take a toll on your emotional health and well-being. Here are several resources allowing you to connect to the vast network of Aboriginal communities around you in Montréal.

Whether you need a smudge, talking circle or emotional support, our Elder in Residence is here to assist you with your spiritual needs.

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Education & training

There are strong Aboriginal networks in Montréal related to education and training, including recruitment services and referral services. From high school to college to university and beyond, a number of education and training opportunities are at your fingertips.

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