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The Action Plan Support Fund is not taking applications for support at this time.
The process is closed until further notice.


We will be conducting an assessment in order to develop a new policy for the fund. 


For more information, contact:

Formerly known as the Indigenous Directions Fund, the purpose of the Indigenous Directions Action Plan Support Fund is to provide financial support to projects or events that advance the Indigenous Directions Action Plan developed by the Indigenous Directions Leadership Council (IDLC). The Indigenous Directions Action Plan is a set of Recommended Actions that university stakeholders are called upon to take up as a first step in our collective efforts of decolonizing and Indigenizing Concordia University.


The Indigenous Directions Action Plan Support Fund is a means to help enable members of the Concordia community to engage meaningfully with this mandate. Funds distributed through this initiative are intended to support projects that seek to build capacity within Concordia, and build mutually beneficial relationships between Concordia and First Nations, Inuit, Métis, and other Indigenous communities. 



Eligibility and Funding Criteria

All Concordia students, faculty, staff and units (academic and administrative) are eligible to apply for this funding. Projects may be designed and/or implemented in partnership with alumni or external partners. 


Projects must be aligned with one or more of the mandate areas outlined in the Indigenous Directions Action Plan:

Governance and community participation:

Accelerate the Indigenization of governance and increase community engagement

Curriculum and pedagogy:

Advance the recognition and integration of Indigenous knowledges in curriculum

Institutional environment:

Enhance the cultural climate of the University for Indigenous peoples

Indigenous students:

Increase recruitment, admission, retention and graduation of Indigenous students

Indigenous faculty and staff:

Amplify the recruitment and retention of Indigenous faculty and staff

Indigenous research:

Enrich the University’s capacity and support for Indigenous-led and community-based research

In addition to being aligned with the Action Plan mandate areas, applications will be evaluated along all of the following dimensions:


+ A demonstrated commitment to sharing knowledge with Concordia stakeholders upon completion of the project;


+ Support for community-driven projects/events;


+ Opportunities for Indigenous students and faculty members participation, recruitment, and/or retention;


+ Capacity to raise the visibility of Indigenous presence at the University; and


+ Alignment with specific Recommended Actions laid out in the Action Plan.

Examples of projects that may be eligible include:

+ Educational activities, including workshops, presentations and trainings;


+ Cultural events, including meals, music, dance, film, and other art forms;


+ Academic events, including special guest speakers and conference attendance fees;


+ Gifts and honoraria for Indigenous Elders, knowledge keepers, cultural advisors, and other community representatives.

Important information

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the Fall and Winter semesters. However, please note that due to processing times it will take at least four weeks for successful applicants to receive funds so be sure to apply in advance.


Information for faculty members:


There is a high demand for this funding from full-time and part-time faculty members. In order to ensure we are allowing as many faculty as possible to access this financial assistance, we have instituted a new policy that allows faculty to apply for a maximum of $500/semester from the Indigenous Directions Action Plan Support Fund, unless otherwise determined by the evaluation committee.


We recognize that there are many faculty members who are working to ensure Indigenous knowledges and experiences are valued and engaged with critically in their courses, and, for this reason, we encourage departments to dedicate financial resources to help support this important work.



Please submit your application and any questions to:

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