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Indigenous Directions Fund

The purpose of The Indigenous Directions (ID) Fund is to provide financial support to projects that advance the Indigenous Directions Leadership Group’s mandate, which is to improve Concordia’s responsiveness to the Principles and Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The ID Fund has been established to enable members of the Concordia community to engage meaningfully with this mandate. Funds distributed through this initiative will support projects that seek to build capacity within Concordia, and build mutually beneficial relationships between Concordia and First Nations, Inuit, Métis, and other Indigenous communities.


Applications are now closed for this semester



Eligibility and Funding Criteria

All Concordia students, faculty, staff and units (academic and administrative) are eligible to apply for IDF project funding. Projects may be designed and/or implemented in partnership with alumni or external partners. For external partners who wish to apply, the Indigenous Directions Leadership Group may be able to facilitate partnership with an appropriate member of the Concordia community.


Project must be aligned with one or more of IDLG's six mandates to:

  • Support Indigenous governance at Concordia through community participation and decision-making practices;
  • Support the integration of Indigenous knowledges and pedagogies into existing courses, programs, and governance structures at Concordia;
  • Enhance the cultural climate at Concordia for Indigenous learners, staff, and faculty;
  • Support and facilitate Concordia’s recruitment, admission, retention, and graduation of Indigenous learners;
  • Support and facilitate Concordia’s recruitment and retention of Indigenous faculty and staff;
  • Support Indigenous-led and community-based research.


Project will be evaluated along the following dimensions:

  • Alignment with Concordia University’s mission and strategic directions
  • Commitment to sharing knowledge with stakeholders upon completion of project
  • Support for community-driven project/events
  • Opportunities for Indigenous students and faculty members participation and/or recruitment
  • Capacity to raise the visibility of the Indigenous presence at the university.


Examples of Projects that may be eligible

Within the broad criteria that projects must involve Concordia University and Indigenous communities, here are a few examples of projects that may be eligible for funding:

  • Educational activities, including workshops, presentations and trainings
  • Cultural events, including meals, music, dance, film, and other art forms
  • Academic events, including special guest speakers and conference attendance fees.
  • Gifts and honoraria for Indigenous Elders, knowledge keepers, cultural advisors, and other community representatives.


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