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Community-based experiential learning

Want to get your hands dirty? Concordia’s undergraduate curriculum contains many courses that offer students the opportunity to engage in community-based experiential learning (CBEL).

Please note that whether or not a course includes a CBEL component depends largely on who is teaching that course and the pedagogical approach they choose to use. The inclusion of a course in the inventory below indicates that this course contained CBEL during the 2015-2016 academic year, when the most recent curriculum review was completed. To find out whether a course will contain CBEL in the year ahead, please contact the professor directly and consult the syllabus.

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Detailed course descriptions are available in Concordia's Undergraduate Calendar.

Faculty of Arts and Science

Department Course Number
Course Title

Applied Human Sciences










AHSC 330

Leadership in Small Groups

AHSC 371

Community Recreation Planning

AHSC 381 

Therapeutic Recreation and Physical Disabilities

AHSC 423

Organization Development I

AHSC 435

Fieldwork Practice

AHSC 437

Internship in Leisure Sciences

AHSC 438

Internship in Therapeutic Recreation

AHSC 439

Internship in Human Relations

AHSC 445

Community Development II

AHSC 460

Health Promotion

AHSC 485/499

Internship in Youth Work

Biology BIO 451  Plant Field Ecology

COMS 324 

Communication Analysis of Environment

COMS 385 

Communication Media: Video II

COMS 415 

Advanced Topics in the Photographic Image

COMS 435/A

Advanced Topics in Documentary Film and Video: you are what you eat

COMS 463 

Semiotics Seminar
Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics CLAS 370  Practicum in Archeology

EDUC 264 

Communication: Child, Parent and Teacher

EDUC 295 

Internship I: Prekindergarten Teaching

EDUC 297 

Internship II: Observation and Evaluation in Education

EDUC 374 

Child Studies Field Experience: Child and Youth Settings

EDUC 395 

Internship III: Kindergarten Teaching

EDUC 492 

Child Studies Field Experience: Adaptations and Accommodations in Special and Inclusive Settings

EDUC 493 

Internship IV: Primary Teaching

EDUC 495 

Internship V: Upper Elementary Teaching

TESL 326  

TESL Pedagogy: General

TESL 433 


TESL 466 

Internship: Primary I

TESL 467 

Internship: Secondary I

TESL 486 

Internship: Primary II

TESL 487 

Internship: Secondary II

TESL 488 

Internship Seminar

ADED 496 

Integrative Internship I
Geography, Planning and Environment

GEOG 361 

Research Design and Qualitative Methods

GEOG 372 

Plant Reproductive Ecology

GEOG/URBS 430/420 

The Social and Cultural Geographies of Montreal

GEOG/URBS 490/483 

Internship in Geography/Directed Studies/Practicum in Urban Planning I

GEOG 466

Geomedia and the Geoweb

GEOL 210  

Introduction to the Earth

URBS 333 

Urban Laboratory

URBS 488 

Analyzing Choice

URBS 491

Honours Thesis or Project
Health, Kinesiology & Applied Physiology

CATA 365 

Athletic Therapy Field Internship I

CATA 475

Athletic Therapy Clinical Internship I

CATA 485

Athletic Therapy Field Internship II

CATA 495

Athletic Therapy Clinical Internship II

EXCI 383

Clinical Exercise Physiology Internship I

EXCI 483

Clinical Exercise Physiology Internship II

HIST 485 

Public History Workshop

HIST 486 

Public History Internship
Interdisciplinary Studies INTE/FFAR 270/290 
HIV/AIDS: Cultural, Social and Scientific Aspects of the Pandemic

JOUR 201  

Introduction to Journalism: Text

JOUR 451 

Journalism Practicum
Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability

LOYC 310 

Science and the Contemporary World

LOYC 398E 

Selected Topics: Sustainability and Community

LOYC 398  

Selected Topics: international community engagement
Political Science
POLI 497 
Religions and Cultures RELI 409 
Methodology and the Study of Religion
School of Community and Public Affairs

SCPA 301 

Social debates and issues in public affairs and public policies

SPCA 352 

Community and Local Activism

SPCA 411 


SPCA 412 

Senior Research Seminar
School of Irish Studies IRST 290
Field Studies in Ireland
Sociology and Anthropology


Food and Sustainability

SOCI 498/450 

Advanced Topics in Sociology: Globalization and Post-Global Studies

ANTH 315

Fieldwork Research
Theology THEO 404 
Practicum in Pastoral Ministry

Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science

Department Course Number
Course Title
Building Civil and Environmental Engineering

BCEE 371     


BLDG 492  

Construction Processes

CIVI 474    

Transportation Planning and Design
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

IADI 301  

Undergraduate Aerospace Industry Project I

IADI 401  

Undergraduate Aerospace Industry Project II
Center for Engineering in Society ENGR 392  
Impact of Technology on Society
Computer Science Engineering SOEN 490   Capstone Software Engineering Design Project

Faculty of Fine Arts

Department Course Number
Course Title
Arts Education

ARTE 220   

Foundations of Art Education

ARTE 230   

Practicum: Observation and Analysis of Children's Learning

ARTE 320   

Multidisciplinary Approaches to Art and Teaching

ARTE 330   

Introduction to Community Art Education

ARTE 420   

Art Education for Elementary School

ARTE 421   l 

Practicum in the Elementary Schoo

ARTE 423   

Practicum in the Secondary School I

ARTE 425  

Practicum in the Secondary School II

ARTE 432   

Community Art Education: Theory and Practice

ARTE 434   

Professional Practice for Art Educators
Studio Arts

ARTX 380  

Intermediate Integrated Studio in Contemporary Art Practices

ARTT 470  

Professional Internship

ARTT 471  

Professional Internship I

ARTT 472  

Professional Internship II

FBRS  481 

Professional Internship I

FBRS 482  

Professional Internship II

IMCA 310  

Intermediate Video Production

IMCA 480   

Professional Internship in Intermedia/Cyberarts

IMCA 481  

Professional Internship in Intermedia/Cyberarts I

IMCA 482  

Professional Internship in Intermedia/Cyberarts II

PHOT 470 

Professional Internship

PHOT 471 

Professional Internship I

PHOT 472 

Professional Internship II

PRIN  441 

Digital Print Media II

PRIN 451  

Projects in Print Media I

PRIN 481  

Professional Internship
Design and Computation Arts

CART 455  

Professional Internship I

CART 456  

Professional Internship II

DART 391  

Socio‐Cultural Research and Practice

DART 392  

Environmental Research and Practice

DART 448  

Nature‐Inspired Environments

DART 453 

Design and Community Engagement

DART 461   

Independent Study I

DART 462  

Independent Study II

DART 463  

Independent Study III

DART 471  

Professional Internship I

DART 472  

Professional Internship II

DART 491  

Discursive Design Research I

PERC 211 

Theatre in the City

PERC 408  

Supervised Internship I

PERC 409  

Supervised Internship II

PERC 482  

The Artist in Residence

DFTT 498  

Special Topics in Design for the Theatre: Stradford

FFAR/INTE 290/270 

HIV/AIDS:  Cultural, Social and Scientific Aspects of the Pandemic

FFAR 291

HIV/AIDS: An Interdisciplinary Introduction to Scientific, Social and Cultural Aspects
Art History

ARTH 403  

Studies in Art History Practice
Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema

FMST 426  

Professional Internship I

FMST 427  

Professional Internship II

FMST 450  

Film Studies Specialization Seminar

FMAN 202 

Animation I

FMAN 402 

Animation III

FMAN 446 

Professional Internship I

FMAN 447 

Professional Internship II

FMPR 440 

Sound II

FMPR 445  

Professional Internship

FMPR 446  

Professional Internship I

FMPR 447  

Professional Internship II

FMPR 451  

Advanced Project Internship I

FMPR 452  

Advanced Project Internship II
Contemporary Dance

DANC 301 

Creative Process II

DANC 401 

Creative Process III

EAST 461  

Capstone Project Seminar I

EAST 462 

Capstone Project Seminar II

JPER 321  

Jazz Ensemble II

JPER 421  

Jazz Ensemble III

JPER 422  

Jazz Ensemble IV

MPER 201 

Orchestra I

MPER 301 

Orchestra II

MPER 321 

Chamber Ensemble I

MPER 322 

Chamber Ensemble II

MPER 401  

Orchestra III

MPER 421 

Chamber Ensemble III

MUSI 261  

Music Composition I

MUSI 262  

Music Composition II

MUSI 401 

Capstone Seminar and Project

John Molson School of Business

Department Course Number
Course Title











MANA 362   Human Resource Management
MANA 369   Business and Sustainability
MANA 420 
Management Research for Decision Making
MANA 444 Training and Development
MANA 446   Workplace Planning and Staffing
MANA 480 Entrepreneurial Family Business
MANA 481
Introduction to Management Consulting
MANA 499 Special Topics in Management: International community engagement
COMM 210
Contemporary Business Thinking
COMM 320 Entrepreneurship




MARK 451 Marketing of Services
MARK 495 Strategic Marketing Planning
MARK  305
Consumer Behavior

Supply Chain & Business Technology Management




BTM 481
Information Systems Analysis
BTM 495     Information Systems Design and Implementation
BTM 496  
Information Technology Strategy, Management, and Sourcing
SCOM 498
Supply Chain Project
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