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To determine whether your project or event is in line with the kinds of initiatives the OCE supports, please review the questions below to understand how we evaluate eligibility. 

  1. Does this project support or is it of interest to a non-profit organization, a citizen/community-led effort and/or members of underrepresented communities?

  2. Is participation in the events associated with this project free or pay-what-you-can? If not, are ticket sales being used only to offset costs or as a fundraiser?

  3. Are the events associated with this project open to the public?  If not, is there a strong rationale for why this is a private event?

  4. Is there a strong Concordia connection? Is this a community-university partnership? Does it create links with Concordia students, faculty or staff? Is there a potential for a partnership between Concordia and this partner or project in the immediate or near future?

  5. Does the partner and its project align with Concordia’s educational mission and strategic directions?

  6. Does the partner and its project align with OCE’s mission and values and social justice principles?

  7. Will the project function according to inclusiveness and anti-oppression principles in terms of physical, social, and cultural accessibility? 

If you would like to work with the OCE on an upcoming initiative, please Contact us with as much of the following infomation possible.

Organization name and type, full contact information, and a short description of the project including the dates, locations, format, target audience and approx # of attendee. Also state the Concordia or community connection and what support you are requesting.

We aim to answer within two weeks, but we recommend you contact us a few months in advance of your initiative due to high demand.  

Past projects we have supported

Learn how to make your event or project accessible and inclusive 

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