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The Next Generation Learning Initiative falls within the Strategic Direction of Teach for Tomorrow. Teach for Tomorrow focuses on knowledge and skills that will prepare students for the complex, digital and international world we live in, providing them with a superior educational experience based on strong pedagogical foundations. Our ability to transform students from passive listeners to active, life-long learners, to make curriculum more relevant to real-world needs, and to enhance their entrepreneurship and employability skills through experiential learning ensures that we fulfill our mission “to transform the individual, strengthen society and enrich the world.”

Curriculum Innovation (CI) is intended to promote more complex efforts, cross-program and cross-department collaborations, and novel uses of technology and pedagogy to enhance the student learning experience at Concordia University. CI funding is intended to facilitate truly innovative teaching practices and  fundamental revisions or new development to programs.

Please note that there will be no CI fund competition in 2016-17.

All queries for information should be directed to Émilie Martel, Special Projects Coordinator, Office of the Provost and VP, Academic Affairs:

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