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How can blended learning make good courses better?

The intertwining of teaching & research

A university's fundamental mission is to train students, through lectures, experiments, essays, exams and projects, to be more creative, more inquisitive and more tolerant individuals who can make a significant contribution to society.

Teaching is not confined to the campus, but extends to society and to its diverse and numerous communities. While training students to think innovatively, to act decisively, to engage in intellectual pursuits and to handle technical matters efficiently, Concordia also helps its communities participate in debates about the many challenges they face. Teaching, learning and research are thus inextricably linked.

As such, Concordia University dedicates itself to attaining the highest academic quality in research and teaching, and to guaranteeing an outstanding student experience, fostering student engagement, developing strong ties to its community and always acting in a socially responsible manner.

The intertwining of teaching and research, experience and engagement, ethics and responsibility is the true nature of a university education. Students must become intellectual, cultural and scientific leaders within their discipline, their society and their community.

The mission of the Vice-Provost, Teaching and Learning is to foster that development.


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