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2019 Volunteer Award Winners

The LIVE Centre celebrates the selfless efforts of members of the Concordia community who volunteer their time to improve the world around them.

Here are this year's winners:

Amanda Marlandis

Amanda Marlandis- Concordia Volunteer Award Winner Amanda Marlandis - Concordia Volunteer Award Winner

Amanda is an undergraduate student in psychology. Throughout her time at Concordia, she has dedicated herself to volunteering at various mental health organizations. Amanda has provided over 100 hours of active listening time to Tel Aide, an organization that seeks to provide support and a listening ear to those in need. Her positive attitude has helped countless individuals suffering from mental illness or crises. 

Similarly, Amanda has been partnered with an individual seeking companionship through Compeer, an organization endeavouring to reintegrate mental health patients into society through friendship and companionship. Amanda and her "buddy" have been meeting on a weekly basis for two years. Amanda’s community efforts aim to raise awareness about mental health issues, and the beneficial effects of mindfulness on our daily lives. Her enthusiasm about community engagement has led her to pursuing additional volunteering opportunities at Concordia and beyond, such as workshop animation at the Jewish General Hospital and the inauguration of her own mindfulness club.

Emily Lillies

Emily Lillies - Concordia Volunteer Award Winner Emily Lillies - Concordia Volunteer Award Winner

As a volunteer with Girl Guides, Emily has dedicated her time to engage and inspire young girls for the past six years. Through her role as a Unit Leader, she is an outstanding mentor for girls of all ages and encourages them to get involved in their communities. Emily has also held the position of Deputy Program Advisor since 2016, designing and sharing program ideas with leaders across Quebec and the rest of Canada. 

An undergraduate student in Fine Arts, Emily frequently brings her talents and creativity to the table in planning and running meetings using different artistic styles, theatre and photography. Emily also designed and manages the website for the local units, along with her own section in the provincial monthly newsletter.  Emily has taken on the role of key organizer for a national week long camp this coming summer. Thanks to her dedication, Girl Guides from across the country will be spending a week connecting with each other and nature. 

Jiuda Wu

Jiuda Wu - Concordia Volunteer Award Winner Jiuda Wu - Concordia Volunteer Award Winner

Jiuda is being recognized for his outstanding work with Santropol Roulant, a non-profit organization that uses food as a vehicle to break social and economic isolation in Montreal. As a volunteer, he helps to deliver warm meals to members of the community living with a loss of mobility or autonomy. Since he began, Jiuda has become one of the organization’s most reliable volunteers. He delivers meals to clients two or three times a week, regardless of the weather and even distributed meals on Christmas Eve. 

Jiuda is an excellent mentor for new volunteers with Santropol, acting as a kind and thoughtful ambassador for the organization and provides a comfortable environment during their first volunteer experience. Jiuda shows the same level of care for clients and is determined to fulfill the organization’s mission of connecting with socially isolated people. A Graduate student in Mechanical Engineering, Jiuda is also a dedicated member of the Space Concordia Robotics team. 

Alison Rowley

Alison Rowley - Concordia Volunteer Award Winner Alison Rowley - Concordia Volunteer Award Winner

Alison is an undergraduate student in biology and her volunteering experiences have made a big impact on the community. For two years, Alison has been a volunteer at the Intensive Care Unit Bridge Program, an organization dedicated to providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere to the often intimidating environment of the ICU. Alison has consistently dedicated at least four hours of volunteer time per week for the ICU Bridge Program (ICUBP).

Alison also volunteers for multiple other organizations. She serves as an external ambassador for the Canadian Undergraduate Conference on Healthcare (CUCOH) the largest annual undergraduate medical conference in Canada. She has also been a volunteer note-taker at Concordia’s Access Centre for Students with Disabilities throughout her studies, and is a certified member of Concordia’s Emergency Response Team. Through her involvement, she has significantly improved the lives of both Concordia students, and the community at large.

Nora Amar

Nora Amar  - Concordia Volunteer Award Winner Nora Amar - Concordia Volunteer Award Winner

Nora is the definition of a hands-on volunteer at Concordia. She is involved with many different causes at the university as well as in the local community. As the Vice President Sponsorship with UNICEF Concordia, Nora shares her passion and commitment for children’s rights with the other members of the team, inspiring each of them to strive to do more. She never hesitates to help someone in need or volunteer with a new project that makes Concordia or our larger community a better place for all. You may find Nora helping out at Open House, the Student Parents Centre, Orientation or                                                                                           the Volunteer Fair. 

Nora is currently the Vice President Event Coordinator at WUSC Concordia, where she has been working to make Concordia a more welcoming place for refugees. As a volunteer off-campus as well, Nora devotes her time to a support group based on active listening and holding a safe and confidential space for women of all ages. Her volunteer work at the Khadijah Islamic Centre is focused on sharing and supporting the community, lending a caring ear and voice to those in need. Nora is currently an undergraduate with a double major in Psychology and Applied Human Sciences. 

Hiru Rodrigo

Hiru Rodrigo - Concordia Volunteer Award Winner Hiru Rodrigo - Concordia Volunteer Award Winner

Hiru is a dynamic volunteer committed to a number of different organizations at Concordia and in the local community as well. As an indispensable member of the volunteer team at the Concordia University Student Parents Centre, he has helped provide services not only to current students but their family members as well. He acts as a tutor for children and assists as a facilitator for the English and French Conversation Program, among many other tasks. He is currently working on a new project, creating pamphlets with information for women concerning separation, divorce, child support, and                                                                                             self-advocacy within the legal system. 

Hiru is a focused and engaged learner. He is enthusiastic, flexible, and creative all traits of an exceptional volunteer. Other organizations that have benefited from Hiru’s dedication are Cinema Politica, UNICEF Concordia and the People’s Potato. He is currently a Spark! Ambassador focusing on supporting other students in their quest for engagement and is an undergraduate student studying Economics. 

Madeleine McKenzie

Madeleine McKenzie - Concordia Volunteer Award Winner Madeleine McKenzie - Concordia Volunteer Award Winner

Madeleine is a committed undergraduate student in Biology, an athlete with the Stingers Soccer team and a dedicated volunteer. She has given her time to a biology research lab as a volunteer studying how muscle growth is affected by exposure to electrical stimulus. 

Madeleine dedicates four hours each week at the Montreal Children’s Hospital as a volunteer with the Intensive Care Unit Bridge Program (ICUBP). While there she either plays with patients or their siblings at a time in their lives when they are facing many challenges and a focus on play can be extremely beneficial. Her fellow volunteers at the ICUBP say that her positivity and kindness helps bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Congratulations to all!

If you know a Concordia student, staff or faculty member who goes over and above in helping the community, please let us know so they can be considered for an award next year!

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