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Math, Engineering, Econ and Accounting Help

Student Learning Services offers help in a variety of math and problem solving-based courses. We have individual math tutoring, workshops for problem solving-based courses, and information on the Engineering Writing Test (EWT). We also have a link to an 84 page scientific calculator manual by Dr. John Denton.

Individual Tutoring at SGW

Fall schedule: math tutoring runs from September 10 2019 until the end of the Fall 2019 semester.

Individual Math Tutoring is offered for students enrolled in Math 200, 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, 208, 209; COMM 215, 217, 305; ACCO 230 and 240. Math tutoring is offered Monday through Friday from 10 am to 8 pm in SGW H-759. Appointments open up every Wednesday morning for the following week. To check availability, follow the instructions in the “to make appointments” section below and check the schedule.

Please note that if there are no bookable appointments, please check regularly as new appointments may become available. During the high demand period for Math appointments we try to open up additional appointment slots, so keep checking during the week if nothing is available the first time you check.

If you are NOT planning to attend your booked appointment, please make sure you cancel it as soon as you can so that another student can take your place.

A Math or Accounting Tutor can help you improve your understanding of course material and guide you in practicing problems you find difficult so that you will be able to independently complete your work. Please note that our tutors will not be able to provide answers to your graded assignments or take-home exams.

Make A Tutoring Appointment:

To make appointments, login to MyConcordia Portal (new window) using your netname and password

  • Under "Student Services" click on "Student Success Centre"
  • Carefully read the usage Terms of Service for Student Success Centre document and click on "I Accept The Above Terms of Service" if you agree
  • Click on "Peer Tutor Math Appointments"
  • Then follow the instructions to book the appointment you want

Math, Econ and Accounting Exam Prep Sessions

Attend free sessions to help you review and prepare for selected math and accounting exams.  For more information see below:

Help With the Engineering Writing Test (EWT)

Students enrolled in the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science have to take the Engineering Writing Test in order to fulfill their writing requirements. Find out more about how to prepare for the EWT test.

Workshops on problem solving

Workshops on problem solving are offered during the school year, from September to April. 


If you prefer working on your own, go to the list of our handouts on Problem Solving

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