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Explore, connect and soar

Building and maintaining professional relationships is fundamental to a successful career. Articulating the transferability of your skills and experiences will allow you to share your story with diverse audiences and lead to a variety of opportunities upon graduation.

Career Development Activities

Complete 4 activities and get the Career Development certificate.


Fall 2020 activities coming soon.

Use your own experience to fast track your way to your FutureReady Core Skill Certificate.

If you are already developing a FutureReady core skill in another context, tell us about it, and we'll credit you one activity.

Other opportunities

Browse other activities offered at the university for your FutureReady certificate. Make sure to fill our FutureReady reflection sheet to make it count for your certificate!

Networking events

Dynamic events offered by Career and Planning Services (CAPS) to students in all disciplines.

Find an event

Job-search workshops

Workshops in career development and exploration offered by Career and Planning Services (CAPS).

Find a workshop

Browse other core skill activities

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