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Programs & events

CUSP supports student parents in many ways: a computer lab and lounge, a school supplies program, winter coat and toy bazaars and more.

Parents at CUSP Orientation session

Programs and recurring events


Come join us for CUSP’s Orientation at the beginning of the school year to welcome new student parents and their families, together with returning student parents.  This is a great way to meet new students and get to know CUSP staff.

Free Goods Bazaar

Each semester, we organize a Free Goods Bazaar where slightly used clothes, shoes and household items are donated to CUSP by faculty and staff. Come in and pick up something useful, for you and your children.  


Our monthly Cook-Out offers the opportunity for student parents and their children to meet each other and cook a meal together.  As a bonus you can bring home some leftovers for those busy nights!

Sunday Study Break

Let us take care of your children while you study!

Register for this bi-monthly program that will give you a couple of hours to work on your studies in our Computer Lab during the weekend.

Community Art Program

The purpose of the workshop is to give children the tools and guidance they need to create & appreciate art, as well as to give the student teachers who are running the program the opportunity to grow as art educators.  The activities could vary between arts & crafts, drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, etc.

Parents are welcome to use this free time to relax or study at CUSP.

Backpack to School Supplies Program

CUSP's Backpack to School Supplies Program is sponsored by the Campus Retail Stores. Their contribution helps student parents who have many financial responsibilities at the beginning of the Fall term. This program is offered for elementary and high school aged children.

Halloween and Spring Parties

CUSP hosts various Family Life Events during the year where student parents have an opportunity to socialize with each other and enjoy activities with their children.

Holiday Celebration

Our way of celebrating the Holiday Season is with a family-friendly event where we enjoy delicious treats, have games and activities and give a special gift to every child.

Graduation Celebration

Bring the whole family and celebrate your graduation. You and your children will delight in the games, henna designs, face painting and a buffet lunch.

Homework Club

CUSP offers school aged children help with their academics. Bring in homework, past exams, books, questions etc. Our volunteers are bi-lingual and have received training from Frontier College's Literacy Program. CUSP Staff will supervise the tutoring in our lounge while the parents study or relax in CUSP's Computer Lab. 

Life Skills Workshops

CUSP organizes several life skills workshops during the academic year. We invite subject matter experts to share their expertise with us. Some of our recent workshops: Emergencies at Concordia, Presenting and Leadership and Conflict Management

Language Conversation Group

CUSP offers students an opportunity to practice their spoken English or French in a small group with a facilitator who is a native speaker.  The English Conversation Group and the French Conversation Group meet on different days and you are welcome to join either or both.

CUSP’s Lending Library

With the support of Frontier College, we have books at our center for your children to borrow. Come in and browse our collection.

Member’s Benefits and Subsidies Around Campus

CUSP works with other Concordia departments to offer our member’s additional benefits. This summer we are directing our members to Camp Melody, a free music summer camp being held at the Loyola Campus.

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