Guide to First Year

Please note that this publication is for undergraduate students who received an Offer of Admission. Graduate Students, please refer to the Graduate Students Handbook.

Welcome to Concordia!

Congratulations and welcome to the next chapter in your life as a university student! You are about to embark on an exciting journey and we are thrilled that you are considering Concordia. Our university offers a full and lasting educational experience, unique to each and every student. You are encouraged to forge your own path through our numerous programs and extracurricular opportunities in order to enhance your education and achieve your life goals.

This Guide to First Year will help you navigate through the next steps to becoming a Concordia student, right from the moment you receive your Offer of Admission. Use the handy checklist to simplify all the important tasks to take care of before beginning your classes. Please take your time and read this Guide thoroughly to get prepared and start your time at Concordia on the right track!

Once again, congratulations and we look forward to seeing you on campus!

Guide to First Year

After you receive your Offer of Admission

Follow these 7 simple steps to becoming a Concordia student:

Step 1: Accept your Offer of Admission
Step 2: Send your final transcripts
Step 3: Choose your courses and register
Step 4: Get funding
Step 5: Find housing
Step 6: Get healthcare coverage
Step 7: Pay your tuition
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