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Room types

  • Private single (en suite private bathroom/shower)



Room type Size range (m2)  2017-18 monthly rent  Fall/winter* Fall exchange** Winter exchange***
      8 month, 8 day total  4 month, 6 day total 4 month total

JR single private

c. 16.85 $844.26 $6,979.22 $3,545.89 $3,377.04

* 12 days prorated rent will be posted to the student account on August 25th, 2018. These are for the last 6 days of August, 2018 and the first 6 days of May, 2019.

** 4-month, fall-exchange residents are only charged 6 days of prorated rent for August, 2018

***Winter exchange students have no prorated rent charges.

The rent prices above do not include meal plan costs.

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