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Are your vaccinations up to date?

Did you know that outbreaks of vaccine-preventable illnesses are happening on Canadian and U.S. campuses every semester?

You are at increased risk for getting and spreading these illnesses if you have not been vaccinated against them.

  • Maybe you received vaccines when you were a child, but not the ones you need as a teen and adult.
  • Perhaps you moved to Canada from a country where vaccines were not as accessible.
  • Your parents may have chosen to not vaccinate you.
  • Maybe you have no idea whether your vaccinations are up to date or not!

Through our Routine Adult Vaccination Program, you can review your vaccination history. Make sure your vaccinations are up-to-date to stay healthy all year long!

Core vaccines that are recommended for adults

Vaccination Protects against Recommendations
Td Tetanus (T) and Diphtheria (d)

Series of three doses if not received in childhood.

50 years of age

Booster as needed with high-risk injury: talk with a health professional

Pertussis (included in other vaccines) Pertussis (aP) ("whooping cough")

One dose in a lifetime if not received in childhood

In the third trimester of every pregnancy

HA Hepatitis A Series of two doses if not received in childhood.
HB Hepatitis B Series of three doses if not received in childhood.
Influenza (Flu) vaccine influenza (the flu) Emphasis to those at increased risk of complications from flu.
Varicella vaccine Chickenpox Two doses to those who did not have chickenpox or did not get the vaccine in childhood.
Herpes Zoster (Shingles) vaccine Shingles Series of two doses to adults > 50 years of age: discuss with health professional.
MMR vaccine Measles (M)
Mumps (M)
Rubella (R)
Series of two doses if not received in childhood.
Meningococcal vaccines Meningococcal infections like meningitis

Everyone who wishes to decrease their risk of contracting Meningococcal disease.

People at higher risk include students living in student residence; discuss with a health professional.

HPV vaccine Human Papillomavirus: cervical cancer and genital warts Series of three doses if not received in childhood.


Other vaccines you may need

You may also require travel vaccines.  Consult the Travel Health section of our Patient Resources to learn which vaccines are required for international travel.



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