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How to Effectively Set, Achieve and Maintain Your Health Goals

Your health is your greatest resource.  If you don’t believe this, imagine going through the day with a health problem (e.g. a broken leg, diarrhea, a high level of stress) and then imagine repeating the exact same day without the health problem.  Which of these two experiences would you prefer?  Undoubtedly, it would be the experience of the day without the health problem. 

Many people desire to improve their health and reap the benefits of healthy living.  Unfortunately, making lasting changes can be challenging.  We have developed this section of the website—based on what research shows is effective in making lasting changes—to help you successfully set and achieve your health goals, whether they be to eat better, exercise more, gain/lose weight and more. (Note:  If you goal is to quit smoking, consult "Your Guide to Quitting for Good".)

This information presented here is also available as a workbook that you can download.  

If you would like to work with a professional to help you achieve your health goals contact one of our Health Promotion Specialists.  This service is free of charge to Concordia students, staff and faculty.


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