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Mental Health Resources

The following is a list of resources to help you learn about good mental health and ways to build it. For a list of services to help people with mental health problems consult the Mental Health Services page.

  • Canadian Mental Health Association
    Lots of good information on mental health promotion, including practical strategies to help you enjoy life, use your abilities, achieve your goals, contribute to your community, deal with life’s challenges and bounce back from adversity, and have healthy relationships.
  • National Institute of Mental Health
    US website with good information on mental illnesses                                                                                       
  • Mental Help
    A comprehensive site with information on a wide variety of mental health and mental illness topics

  • Living Life to the Full course
    A free, comprehensive life skills course developed by a psychiatrist and endorsed by the Canadian Mental Health Association. It provides high quality, practical and user-friendly life skills training. The course teaches you how to tackle and respond to issues which we all meet in our everyday lives. Other tailored courses are available as well, including Living Life to the Full with Diabetes, Enjoy your Bump, a course for expectant mums and their partners, Living Life to the Full with Pain, a course for people living with chronic physical health conditions, and others.
General Medical websites

These websites contain reliable information on a wide variety of health topics including, mental health.

Other Resources on the Web
At Concordia
  • Empower Me (password is Studentcare)
    1-844-741-6389 (Toll free). A mental health and wellness service that allows students to connect with qualified counsellors, consultants, and life coaches for a variety of issues. Sessions are delivered in person, by telephone, by video-counselling, or by e-counselling. Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Empower Me is available to ALL Concordia students starting March 2020 (it was previously available to undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled in the Concordia student health plans as well as international students who opted into the student dental plan.)

  • Health Services
    Nurses are your first-line of contact.  They can assess your presenting symptoms, provide you with information and refer you to the appropriate professional.
    Doctors are available to diagnose and start treatment for most mental health issues.  
    Limited consulting psychiatric services are available for short-term care when therapeutically recommended.  
    Health Promotion Specialists are available to help you reach your health goals and adopt healthy behaviours, which will have a positive impact on your mental health.
  • Counselling and Psychological Services
    Counsellors and Psychologists are available to help Concordia students who are experiencing personal difficulties. They can help you to clarify issues and find effective ways of dealing with whatever obstacles are impeding your growth and success.
  • Employee Assistance Program
    A voluntary, confidential counselling and information service available to all Concordia employees and their immediate family. This service can help you with personal and professional problems, tensions and stress before they lead to more serious difficulties. Counselling services in English and French are available at no cost to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Applied Psychology Centre
    The in-house training clinic of the Psychology department. Provides therapy, counselling and assessment services to the local community, including children, adolescents, adults and families.
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