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Medical Services

When should I book an appointment? When should I come to the same-day, urgent care clinic?

Learn more about when to to book an appointment versus when to come to the same day, urgent care clinic to see a doctor.

You can walk in to see a nurse without an appointment during clinic hours.

Who should I see: a nurse, a doctor, or a health promotion specialist?

When you call to book an appointment or come in to the clinic, the service assistant will guide you to a nurse or doctor as appropriate.

You can contact the Health Promotion Specialists directly if you are interested in making changes in your day-to-day behaviours for better health; no referral needed.

The Health Services medical team includes nurses, doctors, mental health specialists, and health promotion specialists.

  • Nurses can:
    • Assess your symptoms, run tests as needed, and start certain treatments
    • Assess your sexual health needs, run or order tests as needed, start certain treatments, teach you about your contraception options, and in certain circumstances even give you a prescription to start birth control
    • Educate you about your condition and proposed treatments
    • Provide you with health education about disease management (e.g. how to mange a new or chronic medical condition independently over the long term or until you recover)
    • Teach you how to take care of yourself and manage your symptoms during common, self-limiting conditions such as a cold or the flu
    • Assess your vaccine status through our Routine Adult Vaccine Program, and administer vaccines as needed.
    • Refer you to other resources both within Concordia as well as resources outside the university.
  • Doctors can:
    • Provide counselling, follow-up and ongoing care, by telephone or telemedicine, with in-person examinations arranged if necessary
    • Assess your health
    • Order tests that are needed to determine a diagnosis (what condition you are sick with)
    • Prescribe treatments to help you manage your condition and get better
    • Refer you to specialists, if needed
    • Provide trans care, including hormone therapy
    • Register eligible patients for continued follow-up care (while studying or working at Concordia)
  • Our mental health specialists include a psychologist, psychiatrists, and a psychotherapist. See our Mental Health Services page for more information.

  • Our Health Promotion Specialists can help you on your journey to healthier living. See the Health Promotion Specialists page for more information. This service is free of charge.


Need more information?

For information on building good health consult the Healthy Living section of our website.

For online resources to learn about common medical issues, as well as how to take care of yourself, consult the Patient Resources section.


After-hours care

If you have to consult a health professional when our offices are closed, consult our After-Hours section for lots of resources.

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