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Medical notes & records

Doctor’s notes

Have to miss a class or an exam because you’re sick?

Whenever  you are sick or injured, come and see us. Health Services will provide a written note only if your condition prevents you from attending classes, completing assignments or writing exams.

But – and it’s a big “but” – we will only give you a medical excuse certificate under certain conditions:

  • Your illness or injury must be serious enough to justify absence from an exam, work, class or an extension for assignments.
  • The nurse must see objective signs of an illness or injury.
  • We must see you prior to the exam, class or due date for the assignment. Health Services must see you early enough to begin a treatment plan that gets you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

If you meet the criteria to be excused from class or an exam, you may also have to:

  • Bring any required university forms to Health Services
  • Pay a small fee if a physician has to fill out any forms on your behalf

Therefore we strongly recommend that you check with Examinations Office before seeing a doctor to make sure you have all the required forms at your appointment.

If you miss a final exam, you must follow the procedures outlined on the Examinations Office website.


Medical records

It’s YOUR file

We take your confidentiality very seriously. Please review our policy.

We are happy to give you (and only you) a copy of your medical records if you need one. We do charge for this service, and ask that you pay in advance by credit or debit card:

  • $20 for 20 or fewer pages - $0.50 per additional page
  • Additionnal $20 fee for archived files (flies are archived after 3 years and kept for 5 years only)

For mental health records, we may have to check with the psychiatrist before releasing the file.

How to get a copy of your medical records

Come to Health Services and ask the receptionist. Make sure you have your student ID and a debit or credit card with you. We will let you know when your file is ready.







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