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Legal information you have to know

The information contained in the medical records of Concordia University Health Services is confidential. Medical information will not be shared without the consent of the patient, except if required by law (e.g., risk of suicide, child endangerment, subpoena).

Note: personal information may be shared among Concordia University Health Services staff as required.

The patient will have to sign a Release of Information form before Concordia University Health Services communicates any medical and/or personal information or documents with people, units or institutions outside of Health Services.

A patient who requests a copy of, or information from, his/her own medical file should direct such requests to a nurse. Please note we charge a fee for these requests. Refer to medical records for more information.

Our commitment to confidentiality applies to all settings — clinical, research and administrative — in which Concordia University Health Services creates, receives, uses, processes, maintains or furnishes health information to patients.

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