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GPWL980 - Blockchain: Decentralization, Trust, & Ethics

This webinar will address the basics of how blockchain functions, discussing its decentralized network structure, as well as ways it allows different actors on the same platform to trust one another with their respective transactions. Further, we will discuss current and future uses of this technology in the financial services industry, supply chain logistics, video games, and medical health records, among many other areas. Special thanks to Interac Corp. for sponsoring this webinar.

Learning Objectives

1) Learn what blockchain is and how it functions.
2) Familiarize yourself with current and future applications of blockchain technology.

Leaders Information

This workshop is led by Alex Gavrila. Over the past decade, Alex Gavrila has been involved with 5 distinct start-ups in different sectors, including non-profit, IT, and education. Since September 2014, Alex has developed the Financial Skills for the Real World workshop/webinar series, delivering it to over 5,000 students at 4 different universities. He is looking forward to sharing his experience with you about the benefits and the drawbacks of being an entrepreneur.

This workshop is not scheduled at this time.
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