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GPSC23 - Getting the word out about your research

This workshop is designed for the Public Scholars program.

Topics to be covered:
• Why research promotion matters
• Realities of scientific promotion
• Contexts – from local to international
• The competition for coverage
• What academics want vs what media need
• Making research accessible
• How to prepare for an interview

Learning Objectives

Workshop will cover:
• Why it’s important for academics to promote their research
• What makes a good press release about university research
• How to translate a peer-reviewed study into a publicly accessible press release
• Pointers for giving interviews about your research
• The realities of the traditional media landscape
• Other avenues for promoting research

Leaders Information

Instructor: Cléa Desjardins, Senior Advisor – External Communications
As Senior Advisor, External Communications, Cléa works to “translate” the work of academics across the university, making the complex research that goes on at Concordia accessible to the public. Prior to joining Concordia’s Public Affairs unit, Cléa was the communications advisor for Concordia’s Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, and held several other communications focused jobs. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from McGill, and a Master’s in English from Oxford.

This workshop is not scheduled at this time.
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