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GPLD140 - Foundations of Leadership

In this workshop, students will establish the foundations upon which they can start their leadership development journey. They will gain an appreciation for the interplay between leadership, followership, and context. They will also clarify the relevance of leadership development for their own career endeavors. Finally, they will assess their own leadership potential and determine a leadership development plan for themselves.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
1. Explain what leadership is
2. Explain the relevance of leadership development for their career path and appreciate the importance of engaging in self-initiated leadership development
3. Assess their own leadership strengths and weaknesses
4. Chart a course for their own leadership development

Leaders Information

This workshop is led by Antonio Crespo or Dilara Baysal.

Dilara Baysal is a Ph.D. Student at Concordia University's Social and Cultural Analysis program. Her current research interests include the changing forms of work and management in the context of new technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence. Previously she has worked at tech startups, consulting groups and small businesses in research, marketing and leadership roles.

Antonio Crespo is a passionate learner, a lover of the skies, and an enthusiast of human behavior studies. He holds two bachelor degrees, BSc Aeronautical Sciences and BSc Social Sciences (Sociology, Political Science), and a Master degree in Computer Science. Throughout more than 25 years working with the Armed Forces and the Aviation Industry, he was assigned to several technical, military, managerial, executive and diplomatic positions, which includes a mandate in one of the specialized United Nations organizations. As a researcher, he has been actively working with Artificial Intelligence for the last eleven years. Antonio is currently conducting two AI related research projects, the first one targeting machine learning and sustainable development, and the second one focusing on aircraft automation and autonomy. He is also a Graduate Science Teaching and Learning Fellow, within a Concordia CTL program aimed at the enhancement of STEM learning processes.

This workshop is not scheduled at this time.

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