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  • Interview with the IT Workshop Leader – Tuğba Nur Öztürk
    Posted by GradProSkills on May 9, 2018   
    This week we would like to introduce you to Tuğba Nur Öztürk, a fourth-year Concordia PhD Candidate within the Physics Department, and the IT Workshop Leader for GradProSkills. Tuğba enjoys helping other students discover how to code and visualize their data, which stems from her own experience using scripting languages such as Python, R, Bash and Octave for her research, and her fondness for teaching within interdisciplinary fields. Her own research involves working on the molecular modelling of a calcium channel using Molecular Dynamics simulations. “I like the idea of membrane proteins being complex little machines to study,” she states, “both experimentally and computationally.” Read more
  • Writing an Abstract
    Posted by GradProSkills on April 21, 2018   
    The objective of an abstract is to summarize your paper or project, it is an outline of what is to come. Not only should an abstract provide an overview of the information that can be found in your paper or talk, but it should also be captivating. The first glimpse of your writing comes from this brief summary of your research. With that being said, this blog post will address the importance of writing a compelling abstract, how to structure your ideas and why you need to pay attention to keywords. Read more
  • An Interview with Felipe Merino Gordo
    Posted by GradProSkills on April 11, 2018   
    We would like to introduce you to Felipe Merino Gordo, another one of our participants for the Three Minute Thesis & Project Competition. Felipe is a first-year Concordia graduate student completing a Master of Applied Science (MASc) within the department of Building, Civil & Environmental Engineering. He came to Montreal from Chile about a year ago with his partner and infant son. His initial decision to pursue a Masters at Concordia University was influenced by a professor who completed his PhD at Concordia and moved back to Chile to teach Building Science. Read more
  • How 3MT Demystified the Complications
    Posted by GradProSkills on March 26, 2018   
    On March 15th, 2018, twenty-five participants took to the stage to deliver an engaging three-minute pitch about their research to an eager audience for the annual Concordia Three Minute Thesis & Project Competition. From speeches about diabetes and a protein that may counteract some of the damage the disease causes to finding out what makes us want to drink alcohol, each Concordia graduate student showed their passion for their academic pursuits with enthusiasm and eloquence. We caught up with Kenechukwu Nnodu, the Runner-up for the Masters presentations, to discuss his experience participating in the event. Read more
  • Using Storytelling to Develop Your 3MT Pitch
    Posted by GradProSkills on March 9, 2018   
    You may think that having only three minutes to speak about your work takes away from the vital points of your research, but it's actually zoning in on the specific importance of your theories, your ideas and your findings. In honour of the Three Minute Thesis & Project Competition, we thought it would be useful to create a blog post that discusses how 3MT invokes the use of storytelling to encourage graduate research to be engaging, succinct and relatable. Read more
  • Organizing Your Literature Review
    Posted by GradProSkills on February 22, 2018   
    An important consideration when doing a literature review is how you are going to organize the information that you obtain. Without a proper organizational system, you may find yourself getting overwhelmed. This is the second installment to our blog series discussing writing a literature review. This post will go over different ways you can organize the sources and information that you’ve obtained. Read more
  • Teaching in Cegeps
    Posted by GradProSkills on February 8, 2018   
    Teaching in a Cegep is a wonderful career option for graduate students who wish to stay within academia, but prefer a more hands-on approach rather than partaking in research initiatives. There are 48 Cegeps in Quebec and the good news is that even with only a Masters you can receive a full-time teaching position. This blog post will discuss three critical areas to consider when applying to a teaching position at a Cegep: the curriculum vitae (CV), the cover letter and the interview. Read more
  • Getting Started on Your Literature Review
    Posted by GradProSkills on January 25, 2018   
    A literature review is a fundamental component of a thesis because it grounds your research. It can also be a little daunting to start. This blog post unpacks what a literature review is, how you can start looking for useful research materials and when you should stop. Read more
  • Three Ways to Inspire More Productive Work Habits
    Posted by GradProSkills on January 11, 2018   
    The start of a new academic term is always a great time to reflect on some of your work habits. Last term you may have found useful techniques that helped you complete your assignments, but you may have also picked up some harmful routines that hindered your productivity. This blog post will give you ideas on how you can break some of your bad habits and take a step forward towards establishing meaningful goals. Read more
  • Why You Should Use Visuals to Make Your Data Stand Out
    Posted by GradProSkills on December 1, 2017   
    Statistical data may present hard-hitting facts to support a hypothesis or back up a claim, but it isn’t always the easiest or most aesthetically enticing information to communicate, especially during a presentation. This week's blog post speaks about data visualization and how graduate students can start visually communicating their statistics using a software called Tableau. Read more
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