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What is CSEP?

About the Program

Are you an undergraduate or graduate student looking to diversify your degree, learn a new language, improve your career potential, or conquer the challenges of living in a foreign country? The Concordia Student Exchange Program (CSEP) offers you the opportunity to do so while earning credits toward your Concordia degree. Spend a semester or a year studying at any one of Concordia University’s 180+ international partner institutions while paying your usual Concordia tuition. Funding is available to help finance your experience.

Why Should I Study Abroad?



of students who studied abroad reported that their experiences enhanced their cultural understanding.



of students who studied abroad reported acquiring skill sets that influenced their career paths.



of students who studied abroad reported enhanced foreign language skills.



of Canadian employers would hire a graduate with study abroad experience over a graduate without, all other qualifications being equal.



of students who studied abroad increased their self-confidence.

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Application Deadlines



Deadline to apply for Fall 2020, Winter 2021 or Full year 2020/21



Deadline to apply for Winter 2021 exchanges

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