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Triage appointments

A first step if you're seeking personal counselling

Counselling and Psychological Services offers short-term personal counselling and uses a
triage system to ensure a service that is efficient and responsive to students’ needs. We
focus on evaluating each individual and use a network approach to connect students
with the most appropriate resources on or off campus.

What is Triage?

It is a brief appointment mandatory for all students seeking personal counselling and
who are new to Counselling and Psychological Services or who haven’t had services in
the last academic year.

How do I access Triage?

If you are new to the service and would like to see a counsellor send an email to Please include full name, student ID and a preferred phone number and email. Our Service Assistants will contact you to set up a triage appointment with a counsellor.

How does Triage work?

The counsellor will ask you questions about the reasons you are seeking help. The
information gathered will be used to assess your situation to ensure that the most
appropriate assistance is provided. If required, you will then be offered further sessions
or referred to a more appropriate service.

Will I be followed by the counsellor I meet initially?

The triage counsellor’s job is to assess your current counselling needs. If appropriate,
s/he will make a referral for you to a counsellor within Counselling and Psychological
Services at either the SGW or Loyola campuses.

Will I be able to talk about my problem with the triage counsellor?

The triage is focused on gathering information necessary for the counsellor to assess
your current needs and provide an appropriate referral.

How soon can I expect to meet with my assigned counsellor?

The wait time is impacted by several factors, including the time of year, your expressed
needs and expectations for follow-up as well as your availability. Your scheduling
flexibility and openness to be seen at either campus can help tremendously in securing a
follow-up appointment quickly. If you have access to insurance that would allow you to
have services in the community, a list of potential resources will be provided to you.

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