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How to add a record to your CCR

Step #1: Go to the MyConcordia Portal ( and enter your netname and password.


Step #2: To access the co-curricular record, click on the “co-curricular record” tab in the left-hand menu.


Step #3: You are in the Co-Curricular Record Dashboard. To add an activity to your co-curricular record click on the “View My Record.”


Step #4: To find your activity you can search for it using the “Activity – Quick Look-up” drop-down menu by typing in the name of your activity in the space provided. Once you find the activity you can click on it.


Step#5: Once this is selected you will be linked to the “pending activity” screen where you will see a summary of the Activity and a list of Anticipated Achievements. Select the achievements that you have used/learned and click the “Add to Record” button.


Once your learning achievements have been selected, the validator for your activity will confirm your participation, and the activity will appear on your record. Please note that if you are adding a training by Environmental Health and Safety you will also need to send a copy of your certificate of completion to

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