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Certified copy of Concordia diploma

Certified diploma copies are sometimes needed for professional or immigration purposes. Some examples would be:

  • Government departments
  • Employers
  • Immigration/embassy officials

There is a fee of $10 per copy to certify your Concordia University diploma.  Please note that the University does not accept cash.

There are several ways to get a certified copy – coming in person, sending a friend or family member, mailing the certified copy/ies to you.

Coming in person

  • Come to Birks with your student ID or photo ID.
  • Bring your original Concordia diploma and the photocopies you require to be certified.

Sending a friend or family member

You may send someone to obtain certified copies on your behalf, but that person must have written authorization signed by you. That authorization must include:

  • Your name and student ID number
  • Number of certified copies
  • Your signature

In addition, the person must also:

  • Present your original diploma
  • Be able to show photo ID so we can ensure that they are the person authorized in your letter

Mailing the certified copy/ies to you

Should you not be able to come in person or send someone to obtain the certified copies, please complete the attached form.

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