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Reading & writing tools

Reading tools

Did you know that almost every device can talk...for free? It’s easy to get most cell phones, computers, iOS and Android tablets to read aloud content from textbooks, web pages, or your own essays. The Technology Specialist regularly meets with students to get the most out of their technology, or to discuss other products to suit their academic needs.

Writing tools

There are so many ways to write with your fingers or your voice. Many students’ tablets, smartphones and computers already have dictation features or inexpensive apps that do a great job.

MS Word, OpenOffice, and LibreOffice all have impressive citation, grammar and spell-checking tools. You can also use some of the Yellow Lab’s specialized software, such as Kurzweil, ClaroRead, Antidote, and Grammarly, all of which give enriched feedback about your writing.

If you would like to explore dictation and writing tools, please book an appointment with the Technology Specialist.

Magnifiers and tools for low-vision

We offer a variety of magnification tools, and instruction on how to use conventional software (operating systems, browsers, office software) to improve clarity and accessibility.

The Yellow Lab also offers:

  • ZoomText Magnifier
  • Desktop video magnifiers (CCTV)Large-print keyboards

Sound amplification and recording

Students with hearing impairments can often benefit from FM systems in classes or conferences. We can offer several FM systems on a short-term basis.

Would you like to record lectures? The ACSD can offer numerous inexpensive alternatives for recording your classes, and organizing your sound files with notes.

Note-taking Tools

Did you miss something the professor was said in class? Everyone struggles to capture everything of value in their classes. The ACSD offers some tools to make this easier:

  • LiveScribe SmartPens
  • Instruction on using open-source software for recording lectures
  • Instruction on how to use office software to organize your notes
  • Workshops on using your notes to prepare for tests








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