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Note-taking service

The ACSD runs a peer note-taking service for those students who are faced with a barrier when it comes to taking clear, legible and organised notes because of reasons related to their disability.

For ACSD Students: Request peer note-taking through your portal

For those students who have peer note-taking as an accommodation, you can make the request for the service through your MyConcordia portal. We begin the process of finding note-takers for classes the day after the DNE deadline each semester.

Follow the instructions below, or download the instructions here (PDF - 328 KB)

Go to the My Concordia portal at:

  1. In the MyConcordia menu, select "Student Services"
  2. Then Select “Accessibility Services”
  3. Then click on “Students with Disabilities”
  4. Then Select “Students”

Indicate for which courses you require a note-taking service. Once you submit your request, the ACSD begins the process of recruiting a volunteer note-taker.

For peer note takers:

Each semester, the ACSD recruits peer note-takers to share their course notes via the MyConcordia portal.

Peer note takers upload their notes through the MyConcordia Portal every week. The notes are made available to students who require this type of assistance and are registered with the Access Centre. Peer note takers receive a certificate of appreciation as well as a credit on their co-curricular record at the end of the semester.

View instructions on how to share your notes here (PDF - 200 KB)

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