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Tutoring Services

Tutoring is a great way to help support your learning of course content. In most instances, tutoring is a private service that you will need to pay for. However, some of our students are eligible to receive tutoring services through our office.

To see if you are eligible to receive tutoring services, check with your ACSD advisor. Your advisor will review your request, and if appropriate, will forward your request to our department assistant, who will work with you to find a tutor. It normally takes approximately 2 weeks for a tutor to be matched, so send in your request(s) as soon as you know which classes you will take.

If you are not eligible for tutoring through the ACSD, the University has resources to help you find a tutor.

  • Dean of Students office -- The Dean of Students office keeps a registry of private tutors for different subjects. For more information, visit the Dean of Students website.
  • Student Success Centre -- The Student learning services offers Math Tutoring (200 level courses) and Strategic learning sessions (certain courses). This is a free service, for more information please visit their website or drop by H-662.
  • Math Help Centre -- The Math Help Centre is run by the Department of Mathematics. They offer help with MATH 200 to 209 along with MAST214. The staff is usually composed of Graduate students from the department. Visit their pages to find information on their schedule and location. 

Academic Coaching

Some students who are registered with the ACSD are eligible for academic coaching. Coaches work one-on-one with students to help them prepare for classes, use their time more efficiently, and plan assignments. If you feel you may benefit from having an academic coach, please get in touch with your ACSD advisor.

Referral services

Advisors from the Access Centre for Students with Disabilities can assist you in finding resources outside Concordia University for counselling, psychotherapy and various forms of assessment. You can drop by the ACSD office at GM 300.00 to speak to an Advisor.

Communicating with Professors

We work collaboratively with professors to provide students with course materials in alternate formats, assistance with materials in the classroom, and the ability to write exams under accommodated conditions if necessary. Should you need to request something in particular from your professor, the ACSD Advisors are there to assist you with the process of self-advocacy.

Liaison Services

The ACSD works collaboratively with other Student and/or University Services: Counselling & Psychological Services, Financial Aid, Aboriginal Students Resource Centre, International Students Office, Career and Planning Services, Concordia University Student Parents Centre, Health Services, Sexual Assault Resource Centre (SARC), Student Success Centre, Athletics and Recreation, and Residence Life.

Library Services

The libraries on both campuses offer a variety of services and have work stations with assistive software and equipment for your use. Please visit the library website for more details.




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