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Funding for students with disabilities

In Canada, each provincial Ministry of Education provides funding in the form of loans and bursaries for students with disabilities to access specialised services or supports. Students need to consult the Ministry of Education webpage of their home province (based on their residency status) to understand the details and specifics of each program.


In Quebec, le Ministère de l’Éducation et Enseignement Supérieur offers bursaries for specialised supports and services only to specific disability conditions as detailed on the Medical Certificate (form #1015) which can be found on the Ministry website.

Other Provinces

In the other provinces, students must first be eligible to receive a Canada Study Grant before they can apply for a bursary for specialised services and supports.

Awards and Bursaries

The National Educational Association of Disabled Students maintains a financial aid portal entitled DisabilityAwards where information regarding the various scholarship and bursary opportunities for students across the country can be found.

Ann Kerby Scholarship

This Scholarship was created to honour Ann Kerby and her tireless and active leadership on behalf of students with disabilities, while she was Director of Advocacy and Support Services at the University. The purpose of this endowment is to award one entrance and one in-course scholarship to students with a "recognized disability" who are enrolled part-time or full-time in any of Concordia University's undergraduate or graduate programs. Applicants must be registered with the Access Centre for Students with Disabilities and have fulfilled the in-take process and be recognized with a disability as defined in the official university policy on services for students with disabilities. The selected students must demonstrate above-average scholastic performance. Should there not be sufficient funds to fund two scholarships, the scholarship will alternate between a graduate student in odd years and an undergraduate student in even years. This award is subject to Concordia’s Policy on Holding Multiple Awards. Undergraduate students do not apply for the award, it is awarded directly through Financial Aid and Awards. The call for applications for the graduate award will be made by the Manager of the Access Centre in an award year.

Concordia University Awards and Bursaries

Concordia University has numerous scholarships and bursaries for which you can apply at both the undergraduate and graduate levels of study. For more informaiton, please visit the websites.

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